FREE Online Event: Healthy Happy Gut Summit

Here’s an energy-boosting and gut-healthy way to start the New Year!

Please join me for the Healthy, Happy Gut Summit, a three-day online event to cleanse, nourish and restore your digestive health — the key to your overall wellbeing! This incredible event is complimentary and completely online—and it begins on January 14th. 

If you experience digestive issues, learn about recent discoveries that reveal how your gastrointestinal (GI) tract has a bigger, more complex job to do than most of us are aware of…

In the Healthy, Happy Gut Summit, you’ll hear from an incredible lineup of today’s leading Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioners, researchers, teachers, and authors…including me!

Find out about the most effective, leading-edge holistic approaches to tapping into the mind-body-microbiome connection, healing your microbiome, and cultivating a healthy gut.

You’ll receive easy-to-implement diet, lifestyle — and even mindset tips — to help you restore your digestive health as well as your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Free Online Event
Healthy, Happy Gut Summit
January 14-16, 2020

CLICK HERE to listen to a recording of my presentation

You’ll receive highly effective tips and practices to heal and nourish your microbiome from experts including Jeffrey M. Smith, Summer Bock, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, McCall McPherson, Dr. Mark Halpern, Dr. Trupti Gokani, Tricia Nelson, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, and many more.

Chinese Reflexology to Strengthen Your Digestion & Boost Your Metabolism

In my presentation on January 15th, you’ll learn about Chinese Reflexology for healthy digestion, including:

  • How to boost your “digestive fire” for more energy, better sleep, and a stronger body
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to locate and massage the most powerful Chinese Reflexology point for improving your digestion

Here are some of the skills you’ll learn from the global line-up of speakers, including master nutritionists, researchers, healers, and authors… 

  • Ways to bring gut health practices into your own kitchen
  • The role of emotional eating
  • Five friendly bacteria that transform your microbiome
  • Accessible, easy solutions for fixing the ecology and environment of your gut
  • All you need to know about microbiome and food intolerances
  • And much more!

CLICK HERE to listen to a recording of my presentation