Dragon Spirit Radio: The “Secret” to Health, Wealth and Happiness

I got super busy with preparing for my free Amazing Vision class a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been a bit tardy on updating my site. I hosted a Dragon Spirit Radio show a few weeks ago on the Mind/Body/Spirit connection, on The “Secret” to Health, Wealth and Happiness and wanted to share it with you.

This episode of Dragon Spirit Radio discussed how to manifest amazing health and vitality. And, as you manifest health, you also welcome joy and abundance into your life. While there have been volumes have written about the Law of Attraction, all of it can be simplified to one single thing.

I call it a “secret” in fun, to make a play of words on the very famous book and film. However, once you learn this “secret”, you’ll be laughing all the way to an amazing life because you’ll realize how simple it really all is.

In the radio show, I used a metaphor to explain our physical lives in relation to the abundance of the Universe. Basically, it’s like we’re living inside a house with shuttered windows. The sunlight is always shining ready to stream in, much like the love and abundance of the Universe. However, the problem is that we often leave the shutters closed. Or, we open the shutters on one window and not another (e.g. people experiencing financial wealth, but not physical health).

The Universe doesn’t pick and choose where to shine its light in your life, and this is similar to how the light outside the home will come through all of the windows so long as they’re open. Thus, if you’re open to manifesting health, you’re also opening to manifesting joy and prosperity. It takes more effort to only allow one thing in than to allow them all.

If you’d love to learn more about this “secret” and the one simple thing you can do to manifest health, wealth AND happiness (triple play!), then I invite you to listen to Dragon Spirit Radio: The Secret to Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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