How To Joyfully Realize Your Dreams
– Listen to the Interview

Follow-your-passionsIf you’re reading this, I gotcha! You know that your heart is calling you to seek adventure, pursue your passions, and follow your soul purpose.

I often talk about how important it is to do what you love because it has a direct bearing on your health and vitality. And when I say “do what you love,” I’m not just talking about hobbies, but actually earning a living doing what you love. It is so important for your health. In fact, there was a recent study on how job satisfaction in your 20s and 30s may impact your health later in life.

I would definitely have to agree with the study because I lived it. But I’d have to say that job satisfaction in my 20s and 30s impacted my health in my 20s and 30s. For the first three decades of my life, I ignored my heart’s calling and worked in jobs that I hated. As a result, my health suffered dramatically. I was so stubborn that I only made changes when things got so bad that I was forced to quit.

But, YOU don’t have to.

You also don’t have to quit your job to start moving in the direction of doing what you love. Start off with research, a side project, volunteering, or reading about possible new directions. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you start taking steps towards it because when you do, you’ll notice yourself feeling more energized and alive—and that’s what keeps your qi flowing. This energy is what makes you thrive.

So how do you get started? And is this holy grail of earning a living doing what you love even possible?

I’m here to tell you: YES IT IS!

I’m living proof of it. And I swear when I got started, I had NO CLUE what I was doing or even what I would be doing. If you’d like to learn how to follow your passions and realize your dreams, listen to this exclusive interview I did with my good friend, Lori Ference, on her website: Leaders’ Call to Adventure.

In the interview, I share my journey from stay-at-home mom to bestselling Hay House author—and still a stay-at-home mom! 🙂 I also give you my best tips and practical advice for how you can follow your dreams, too.

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