I Channel the Universe for Health and Vitality

I may have mentioned this in passing, perhaps in a newsletter or during an online workshop, but I don’t think I’ve actually proclaimed it on my site, so here it is…

I connect with the universe for health and vitality!

I actually channel what I call my Dragon Spirit. It’s the voice inside that craves adventure and exploration and it’s also uber-wise. It’s my inner guidance, it’s my connection to the wisdom of the Universe and it knows the answers to all of my questions.

Actually, everybody has a Dragon Spirit inside them. The challenge is that most of us keep it bottled up inside so that we appear normal, do what’s expected of us, and suppress the inner voice within that’s calling us to adventure. And when we do this, our bodies pay the price, because we’re not allowing our energy to flow.

DragonGoldenI’ve been subconsciously hiding that I channel on this blog even though I’m out in the open about channelling. I seem to have kept the two streams of what I do (teaching physical self-healing and connecting people with their soul’s wisdom through my Dragon Spirit) separate. I guess I was feeling afraid to merge the two.  Chinese Reflexology is already kinda “out there”. If I throw in a Dragon and some Universal Energy, it gets even weirder for the “average” “normal” person. But hey, I’m ready to step out from that judgement if you are.

I’ve seen too much in the past two years since I released my Dragon Spirit, to reign it in any longer. There’s much healing that can be done on this planet. There are many dreams that have been left to die and need to be revived. When we’re all in alignment, world peace is possible :). And you’ll feel pretty freaking awesome in your body too!

Looking back, it seems ludicrous that I kept the two separate, since they are so intrinsically related.  Your health is directly related to your alignment with the Universe.  And, the health of your physical body influences your ability to align with your heart and soul.

Things have been shifting for me and I’m hearing the call more and more that these two aspects of myself that I’ve kept in two silos, they need to merge.  It’s one of the primary reasons while I’ll be writing more frequently.  Once a month, I’ll write about specific Chinese Reflexology techniques.  And in between, I’m going to write about the emotional and spiritual dimension of healing your body.

You see, the truth is that Chinese Reflexology is only a tool to help you heal. It’s an amazing and powerful tool to bring your body back into balance, but the real healing occurs at a deeper level than just the physical or even the energy of the physical body.

Think about it.  What influences the flow of energy in your body?  It’s the flow of emotions and how in the flow you are.  And by “in the flow”, I mean your alignment with the energy of the Universe.  When you are aligned with that, your body not only heals itself, it’s thrives.  The energy of life force buzzes in your cells and you feel awesome.

At the core of healing, it’s about letting go of emotions, energy and thoughts that bring about disharmony in our bodies so that we can welcome in the healing energy of the Universe, which is LOVE.

With respect to your health, here are the two main benefits of connecting with your soul:

  1. You learn what is happening at a subconscious, spiritual or emotional level that is holding your body in a state of “dis-ease.”  When you learn what it is, you can let it go.
  2. When You connect with the Universe, it’s like you recalibrate your body to it’s naturally high vibration of health and vitality.

And on that note, I’m excited to announce one of those silos I was telling you about has just crashed into the other one and the two shall not part again.  I host an online radio show called Dragon Spirit Radio.  For awhile, I was talking about a lot of spiritual issues, but now the direction will be healing. 

Learn the 3 Keys to Amazing Health and Vitality

If you’d like to learn 3 simple keys to amazing health and vitality, I invite you to listen online to the recording of Dragon Spirit Radio: The Healing Sessions on the PAGE Media Project online radio community.

Wishing You Amazing Health and Adventure!

2 Responses to I Channel the Universe for Health and Vitality

  1. Sally says:

    I’m so excited that you have decided to merge your two selves!! I recently also had a whisper of an idea that I need to do the same, with regards to the me that I show people and the me that I feel inside my head. I want you to know how much your light, fun attitude and your real knowledge about health, science and reflexology are helping me! Keep it up, and I will too! Much love to you Holly 😀

    • Holly says:

      Awww, shucks :). Thanks Sally! I got your email too and will get back to you later this evening. I’m just quickly checking messages before making dinner for my family. Much love to you too Sally.

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