Sole Fundamentals: An Introduction to Chinese Reflexology

Learn the Best Points to Optimize Your Health, Well-Being, and Longevity

“Can you recommend reflexology points for xyz?”

This is a question people often ask me for themselves or a loved one, where xyz is a disease or ailment that they or a loved one is suffering from. While I share helpful point combinations on my blog, when someone has a condition that’s been going on for a long time, they need more than just a handful of points to restore their health and vitality.

And that’s why I created Sole Fundamentals, a focused online program to answer: “Which are the best points for YOU?”

“Sole Fundamentals” is a fun and easy 6-week online program that is designed to give you the most benefit in the shortest amount of time possible. I teach the most powerful Chinese Reflexology points in this program because everyone benefits from massaging the fundamental points for health and vitality. Discover the power to heal yourself and support those you love. Sole Fundamentals will show you how.

The power to heal your own body is the most powerful gift I can give, so I hope you’ll join me for this exciting and transformative program—because this stuff really works!

Warmest Wishes,

In This Amazing Online Program, You’ll Learn

  • 20 powerful Chinese Reflexology points to enhance your health, well-being, and longevity—master the most fundamental points for strengthening your energy meridians and bringing your body back into balance
  • Reflexology points to help your body detox, boost your energy levels and metabolism, improve your digestion, nourish your heart, and breathe in life and vitality
  • When and why you should massage different points—supercharge your healing by understanding the Chinese Medicine theory behind the points
  • How to connect with your Dragon Spirit—your inner voice and higher guidance—to leverage the power of the Mind Body connection
  • Follow a systematic learning process—that’s also fun and motivating—to optimize your progress so that you feel better and see improvements faster

In the Sole Fundamentals Program, you’ll learn Chinese Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, anatomy and physiology, and how to heal with the Mind Body Connection for an integrated approach to healing. But instead of information overload, the content is laser-focused to help you improve your health and well-being.

Special Focus for 2020: Respiratory Health

This year’s edition of the Sole Fundamentals Program will include a special focus on respiratory health and additional content to help strengthen and balance the organs and energy meridians related to the respiratory system.

Asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases are all interconnected in Chinese Medicine. Learn why and which points to massage above and beyond what I can teach on my website because you’ll gain deeper understanding and experience through the Sole Fundamentals program.

What People Are Saying About Sole Fundamentals

“Amazing job of synthesizing wisdom from the East and West”
I was drawn first to the Women’s Health course [taught by Holly] and listened to my heart to take a chance on it. That course was so interesting and useful that I immediately signed up for Sole Fundamentals. It’s been excellent. You do an amazing job of synthesizing wisdom from the East and West and making it accessible and useful. Thanks, Holly!

“KNOW my health is improving”
I have learned so much and KNOW my health is improving. Your organization and clear, concise lessons have just been fantastic. I love your humor and it makes learning more fun!!! Honestly, this has been a healthy winter for me and I know it is because of the Reflexology and bi-weekly routines you have taught us. The Dragon Spirit Space part of this course is such a bonus and I have received some great insights during this time. One insight was about a challenging relationship with a family member and how my body was speaking to me…things are so much improved since that meditation.

The time and care you put into the Q&A sessions is incredible. I have SO much gratitude for learning Chinese Reflexology and for having YOU as such a dedicated and Brilliant teacher !!! Thank you from deep within my Heart!
Mary Ann

“I have the power to help my body to get rid of illness as well as to avoid getting sick”
Before I started practicing Chinese Reflexology my body was controlling me. In the same way it controls you when you want to run but your legs hurt, or you want to smell dinner that your loved one cooked for you, but you have cold, or when you want to travel and see the world, but get down with stomach pain. I had a very bad situation when not me, but my body was my puppeteer, restricting my life in many ways.

The biggest benefit what I got from Sole Fundamentals course is control over my health. I know that I can heal my body, I have the power to help my body to get rid of illness as well as to avoid getting sick. I can feel what my body is in need for and give it to it. I became more confident and positive about my health. To treat an illness is sometimes easy, but to be certain about your future, to be confident that your body won’t let you down, to wake up every morning and explore life without cautiously checking up on a part of your body: “painful or not?”, to be active and fun, to enjoy your life – this is the real gift Sole Fundamentals course gave me.

Overview of the Online Program

Month 1: Clearing, Recharging & Respiratory Health

Get a powerful start to this program with an amazing combination of Chinese Reflexology points to strengthen your body’s excretory and respiratory systems. In this month, you’ll learn:

  • How to recharge and replenish your life force energy after years of depletion, so that you can enhance your longevity
  • Points for the respiratory system that strengthen your Lung Qi and help build up the body’s defenses against colds, flus, and allergies
  • Ways to overcome setbacks and set intentions for healing

Month 2: Harmonizing the Heart and Mind & Gentle Detoxing

Get an introduction on how to shift your mind to heal your body. You’ll learn how to use the Heart and Brain points to harmonize the relationship between your head and heart so that you feel motivated to make positive changes for your health—and stick with them.

Discover how these points can help you reconnect with your body and its powerful healing messages so that you’ll know exactly what your body needs to thrive. In addition to clearing emotional pain, the Heart point helps strengthen the Heart meridian to support the cardiovascular system.

In this month, we’ll also cover the lymphatic system to help you release long-held toxins from your body so that you’re primed and ready for transformative healing


Month 3: Nourishing Your Body

This module covers a power pack of reflexology points that help strengthen and harmonize your digestive system to boost your metabolism and help your body heal:

  • Improve your digestion with the Stomach and Pancreas points
  • Strengthen the most important organ and energy meridian for promoting healthy and robust digestion according to Chinese Medicine—but Western medicine does not consider to be a part of the digestive system
  • Uncover and clear energy blocks so that your body gets the essential nutrients it needs for healing

Month 4: Restoring Balance & Embracing Change

Discover the essential reflexology points to restore balance in your body and its energy meridians. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Powerful endocrine system points to help balance hormones that regulate metabolism, sleep, reproduction, and even your emotions.
  • Erase years of chronic stress so that you feel more ease and flow in your body and life
  • Get an early warning alert to let you know when your body is overloaded, even if you don’t notice anything is wrong, so that you can make changes at the energy level before things become serious physical problems
  • Leverage the power of emotional healing to release energetic blocks that get in the way of healing and keep you from moving forward in life

Finally, find out how to take everything you’ve learned and apply it to your every day life, and learn how to use Chinese Reflexology to help your loved ones. If you’re a healer, you’ll also learn how you can use Chinese Reflexology to help your clients heal.

Why Students Love Sole Fundamentals:

“You make learning fun and interesting”
The classes have provided me a wealth of information in a concise, organized informative way. I also enjoy your puns and joyous spirit. You make learning fun and interesting. I am so glad that I am taking your course. I, also, am very appreciative of your Dragon Spirit insights and the holistic approach of mind, body, spirit which you make as a part of the total course.

“Ramped things up”
Thanks for a wonderful course. I have learnt heaps and can feel it all helping with my chronic health issues. Going into the specific points has really ramped things up – in a very good way.

“It’s been a real gift”
“I’ve really learned many things about myself and my world. It’s been a real gift.”

“You make everyone feel visible, acknowledged, valuable, and capable”
You have been an awesome teacher in your field of expertise, and your presentation style, info, everything you do in this course has been so refreshing in the sense that all info given is clear, understandable, and doable, and light hearted. It is very clear that you care and love what you do, that you actually wish the best for all who participate and you make everyone feel visible, acknowledged, valuable, and capable in learning as well as your enlightening Dragon Spirit Meditations.

It is so very refreshing to find a teacher who is so genuine in her teaching and how you teach it, and just listening to you talk, and how you honestly carry yourself, you make us feel like “we matter”, and you clearly activate “inclusion” to all. I look forward always to your modules, lessons, and webinars.”

How to Register:

This year, Sole Fundamentals will be included as part of the Sole Circle Membership Site


I tuned into the energy of the planet and contemplated the best way to deliver the Sole Fundamentals program this year given the current world situation. I even wondered whether to teach the program given the constraints on my schedule, and the challenges people are facing with time and finances. My son’s school closed in March for the rest of the school year, and if you have kids, you know it’s not easy to work from home with children in the house.

So I listened in for several weeks and then I received inspiration from the Universe…

I had an idea on how I could teach Sole Fundamentals with more spaciousness for myself and for my students, while making the program even better and more affordable.

The answer was to create a Sole Circle membership site–a place for people to learn at their own pace and know that support is there to get your questions answered, help with precisely locating reflexology points on your feet, accountability and encouragement, and it’s a place to make self-care a priority with fun, creativity and connection woven into the fabric of the Sole Circle.