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Chinese Reflexology Sole Mastery Program

How to Be in Command of Your Health and Destiny

Dear Amazing, Talented and Brilliant Knowledge Seeker,

I’m so happy that you’re here because it means that you’re stepping up to take command of your health and destiny.

It’s my passion to empower you to heal yourself. 

Imagine knowing exactly what your body needs to thrive. This is an amazing feeling that I cherish because I didn’t always feel this way. For over a decade, I worked in a high stress job that I despised. It wore me down and affected my health and happiness.

Eventually my body broke down and I experienced one weird ailment after another. During one year, I visited the hospital emergency room three times because I left things too long and didn’t look after myself. I felt like I was fading in and out of life and I actually wondered if I was dying.

Chinese Reflexology is what turned things around for me.

Over the course of two months of Chinese Reflexology treatments, my body’s downward spiral stopped. My health stabilized and then I started feeling better. My physical health improved and so did my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I was so amazed that I decided to learn Chinese Reflexology for myself.

That decision was the first step to completely transform my life.

Will it be your first step too?

I would love to support and guide you on an amazing journey of transformation. Discover how to heal your body, unleash your sense of adventure, and follow your soul’s calling.

Sole Mastery gives you the keys to be in command of your health and destiny, and to make a positive impact in the worldFor me, Chinese Reflexology is a gift that keeps on giving because I share it with my family and loved ones, and it’s a made an incredible difference in their lives too.

In this six-month online program. you’ll be guided step-by-step to master the ancient healing art of Chinese Reflexology. I keep the class size small so that I can provide personal support to my students—and I do this because I want you to succeed. I look forward to being your guide for the next six months and walking this journey together.

Lots of Love and Light,

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In This Amazing 6-Month Program, You’ll Learn:

  • The complete system of Traditional Chinese Reflexology—over 50 powerful reflexology points to help your body heal faster. Discover how to restore balance and increase resilience in all of your body’s systems including the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory, endocrine, neuromuscular, and reproductive systems; vision and hearing; joints, and the spine.
  • Reflexology points to transform your health, including points to strengthen your immune system, release stress and toxins, increase your energy levels, lighten your mood, improve your digestion, nurture your gut and intestinal health, nourish your heart, balance your hormones, move more freely and easily, and breathe in life and vitality
  • How to use a reflexology stick the right way for 10X the power to shift your qi—get faster results with less effort and less practice time. You’ll also receive your very own handcrafted reflexology stick!
  • Powerful and life-changing ways to connect with your Dragon Spirit—your inner guidance for amazing insights into the roots of health issues so that you can let go of the past and move joyfully forward in life and follow your soul’s calling

Sole Mastery begins on November 9, 2020

Why Students Love Sole Mastery

“Everything you have taught me has literally changed my health and life”
I just want to say thank you for everything Holly. You are truly amazing! I feel so blessed to have connected with you and everything you have taught me has literally changed my health and life. My body, mind, soul connection has been transformed and I know that as I continue to use the empowering gifts you have shared with me and I allow time for full integration to occur, my life will continue to blossom beyond that of my wildest dreams

“My kidney’s condition is great”
My PA did several blood tests and she told me my results on my kidney’s condition is great. Better than hers and she’s quite young. Thank you.

“My own health is much better overall”
Bladder issues are non existent for several months now, and I am so grateful.

“Definitely improving my health!”
Doing the reflexology on myself is definitely improving my health! Lately I’ve noticed that my night vision has improved. Thank you for your honesty, integrity and last (but not least), your sense of humour 🙂

“People at church started telling me my skin looks so good and young”
The reflexology stick is making such a big difference! I thought it was my imagination that my skin was getting tighter on my face until people at church started telling me my skin looks so good and young.

“A significant difference in the health of my family members and close friends”
I am very happy to say that reflexology with your guidance has made a significant difference in the health of my family members and close friends. The success has given me the confidence to take it outside of my immediate circle.

More energy and fewer migraines; my eyesight improved a little; my gums were in better shape

The most obvious benefits of regularly doing Chinese reflexology on myself were more energy and fewer migraines. Also my circulation improved (last winter no chilblains for the first time in many years); my hormones seemed more balanced (last winter no dark hair growth on my chin); my eyesight improved a little; my gums were in better shape etc.”

“What I’ve been learning about myself through the Dragon Spirit exercises has been as valuable to me as learning foot reflexology”
I very much appreciate the way you have combined Dragon Spirit exercises with your course, as I truly believe that healing can’t occur without the involvement of body, mind, and spirit. What I’ve been learning about myself through the Dragon Spirit exercises has been as valuable to me as learning foot reflexology and your insights and remarks along the way have helped me immensely. 

“It was an unexpected bonus!”
I have learned so much that I know will be useful for the rest of my life. Being in my 60’s, I feel so much better about the years ahead knowing I have reflexology and new insights into the mind body connection to help me. The challenges I face now do not seem like the beginning of an inevitable slide into aging with poor health as they once did. I feel hope for continued healing. The course has been so helpful. I went to have my teeth cleaned and the hygienist commented on how well my gums were doing with no bleeding or inflammation. She told me to keep up the good work as I tend to have inflammation and some bleeding during cleanings.  I can not think of anything I’ve done differently other than massaging the teeth points. It was an unexpected bonus!  

Overview of the Online Program

Sole Mastery is a 6-month online program that includes:

  • 12 Learning Modules: Two recorded modules will be released each month for an easy and relaxed learning pace. Modules include short video lessons that can effortlessly fit into a busy schedule, worksheets to help you master what you’ve learned, and lesson slides. 
  • Downloadable Video Lessons: All of the content in the Sole Mastery program, including video lessons (mp4 files) can be downloaded. Watch them whenever and wherever you’d like. They’re yours to keep forever.
  • 6 Live Q&A Webinars: Get custom point recommendations and answers to your questions in the monthly live Q&A webinars. If you can’t join live, you can email your questions in advance. Recordings will be available and posted online. 
  • Personal support from Holly so that you get the most benefit from practicing Chinese Reflexology. This includes your very own personal reflexology foot chart and custom feedback on your massage technique (See “Bonuses” for details)

Month 1: Powerful Beginnings

Uplift your health and vitality by creating a rock-solid foundation for healing. In this first month, we’ll cover the most essential elements to supercharge your health, including:

  • Get an in depth primer on how to use a Chinese Reflexology stick to boost your qi and clear chronic energy blocks. PLUS get personal feedback on your massage technique—take a video of yourself using the stick (cell phone video is perfect), and I will personally let you know what to tweak so that you’re practicing the right way for maximum benefit and ease of use
  • Recharge and replenish your life force energy and release long-held toxins from your body, as you learn the key reflexology points for the excretory system and the most important TCM point for your life force and longevity
  • Learn the essential elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine to identify the energy disharmonies that are adversely affecting your health and well-being, and what you can do to bring them back into balance
  • Create your personal “Health Map” to uncover your emotional and mental triggers that are catalysts for health challenges, but can also be transformed for profound healing

Month 2: Sustenance to Energize Body and Soul

Discover how to strengthen and improve your digestion. You’ll learn reflexology points for the most vital TCM energy meridians to enhance your body’s ability to digest food and nourish your qi.

  • Boost your metabolism with qi-enhancing points that help your body get the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong
  • If you hold tension in your stomach, you’ll learn how to uncover and release energy blocks that are disrupting your digestion, and leaving you feeling sluggish and tired. You’ll learn how to clear these blocks so that you’ll have more energy and a spring in your step.
  • Learn about the emotions associated with the digestive system.
  • Improve your overall health with Chinese Reflexology points for 5 of the body’s 12 primary energy meridians—we’ll cover the other 7 in the program too!
  • Learn about the common TCM disharmonies that affect energy levels, resilience, aging and longevity, and that can also result in bladder issues, menopausal symptoms, fear, and anxiety 
  • Discover a simple method enhanced by your Dragon Spirit to hear messages directly from your heart and soul

Month 3: The Intelligence of Your Gut Feelings

Go deeper with additional reflexology points for the digestive system, including essential points for the lower gastrointestinal tract, including the large intestine and small intestine. If you have food sensitivities or experience gas, pain or bloating after eating, this month’s reflexology points are the most powerful points for clearing energy blocks and disharmonies in your colon.

  • 8 incredible reflexology points for harmonizing and soothing the large intestine to support healthy elimination and detoxification
  • Powerful exercises to leverage your gut feelings so that you can be in control of your health and destiny
  • Get your digestion back on track so that you no longer have to be afraid of what you eat, but instead feel confident knowing that your digestion is robust and strong
  • Discover the TCM perspective on weight gain, fatigue, gum issues, depression, insomnia, headaches, tremors and stroke  
  • Connect with your Dragon Spirit to let go of baggage that’s been holding you back physically, emotionally, and mentally. Discover how releasing the past is related to lower GI tract health. Open yourself to vibrant health and receive abundance in all areas of your life.

Month 4: Joyful Balance and Creative Awakening

This month is a holistic integration of balance and harmony for your whole body and life. Finally, awaken creativity and embark on your soul’s journey. You’ll learn:

  • Chinese Reflexology points for the body’s most critical systems for creativity, joy, movement, and balance—the lymphatic and endocrine systems
  • How to use these points to boost your immune system, address hormonal imbalances, and welcome more joy and harmony into your life
  • Understand how heart palpitations, poor sleep, mental restlessness and memory issues are related to TCM imbalances
  • Reflexology points for the reproductive system and how they can boost your creativity levels and help you follow your soul’s calling

Month 5: Connection and Alignment

It’s time to align yourself—both literally and metaphorically—so that you can stand tall physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’ll learn reflexology points for breathing in life force energy, reflexology points for the spine, as well as points to support the nervous system.

  • Learn reflexology points for the neuromuscular system, including points that help clear energetic blocks related to back pain
  • Respiratory system points for allergies, asthma, chronic skin conditions, and boosting your immune system
  • We’ll also go over Zang Fu diagnostic patterns that reveal the root of gas, abdominal pain and bloating
  • Profoundly shift the connection between your body, mind, heart, and spirit to stand up for what you believe in, use your inner guidance to transform all areas of your life, and make a difference in the world

Month 6: Looking Ahead and Moving Forward with Ease

This final month integrates everything you’ve learned so that you’re ready to soar. By the end of this month, you’ll know all of the Traditional Chinese Reflexology points, including the remaining points for the joints and senses.

Discover the essential reflexology points to improve vision and hearing. We’ll also cover points for the joints that give you key insights to help you move forward in life, so that you make incredible progress in following your heart and soul’s calling.

And because I know my students are caring and thoughtful people who want to help others, you’ll also learn how to practice Chinese Reflexology on others, so that you can support your friends, family (and clients if you’re a healing practitioner).

After completion of the Sole Mastery program, you’ll experience the freedom of being in control of your health and destiny.

Register Today for Awesome Bonuses and Gifts:

Bonus #1 – A Handcrafted Chinese Reflexology Stick

Infused with love and healing intention, you’ll receive a handcrafted Chinese Reflexology stick made from sustainably harvested wood. Free shipping is included to anywhere in the world where regular mail can be received. In the past, the average delivery time for the U.S. was one week. Outside of the U.S., it was 2 to 3 weeks. Due to unknown conditions related to the upcoming U.S. election and coronavirus, please sign up earlier to allow for unexpected delivery delays.

Bonus #2 – Your Personal Reflexology Foot Chart of the Soles

You will receive your very own personal reflexology foot chart with points marked on your feet so that you’ll know exactly where to find the trickier-to-locate points on the soles. Simply send in a photo with your Kidney reflexology point marked on your foot, and you’ll receive written feedback on your point loacation, and you’ll also get the points for the soles of your feet marked on the photo with digital software. Instructions will be provided in the program for how to receive your personal reflexology chart.

Bonus #3 – Custom Feedback to Master Your Practice

Feel confident practicing reflexology with custom feedback on your reflexology stick massage technique. Get tips and advice so that you can optimize your practice. Simply upload a video (cell phone quality is perfect) of yourself practicing a point, and you’ll get customized written feedback to help you practice more efficiently and leverage the power of the reflexology stick.

Bonus #4 – "Lifetime" Access to Sole Mastery with Downloadable Content

Download all of the content in the Sole Mastery program, including the video lessons (MP4 file format) for true lifetime access. Save the files to your computer or device and you can watch lessons at your convenience and review them whenever you’d like. As a former high-tech worker, I know that it’s impossible for anyone to guarantee lifetime access for digital courses because technology changes so much over the years. However, because you can download the lessons, they’re yours to keep forever. You’ll still get “lifetime” access to the Online Learning Center for as long as technology allows and for as long as I’m teaching Chinese Reflexology, which I expect to be quite a long time! 

Please note that downloadable access does not include rights to distribute the course materials.

Bonus #6 – 9 Months of Complimentary Sole Circle Membership ($531 value)

Enjoy the benefits and community of the Sole Circle for FREE!. The Sole Circle is my online membership site where we deep dive into different health and well-being topics from a Chinese Medicine and reflexology perspective. There’s a growing library of learning materials and a new class every month.

The Sole Circle is also a place to recharge, focus on self-care, and connect with like-minded souls.

You’ll receive six months of complimentary membership during the six months of the Sole Mastery program PLUS three additional months after the end of the program. Use the three extra months to catch up on any monthly courses you may have missed, and view courses again with the expanded TCM knowledge you gain from the Sole Mastery program. 

Bonus #7 Digital Certificate of Completion

Receive a beautiful digital certificate of completion that you can print and display.

Here’s How to Register for Sole Mastery

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  • Register by end of day Sunday, October 25th and use the coupon code listed below
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  • The Complete 6-Month Sole Mastery Online Program, which includes 12 learning modules: video lessons, worksheets, lesson slides, meditations, and Quick Reference Charts
  • 6 LIVE monthly Q&A Webinars exclusive to Sole Mastery students
  • Personal Reflexology Foot Chart: Get the trickier-to-locate points digitally labeled on a photo of the soles of your feet
  • Custom Feedback on Your Technique: Send in a video at the start of the program to get feedback on your reflexology stick technique
  • Downloadable Video Lesson Videos as MP4 video files that you can watch whenever you’d like on your personal device
  • 9 Months of Complimentary Sole Circle Membership – Your membership in Sole Circle is free for the entire six months of the Sole Mastery program, plus three additional months after the program ends
  • Digital Certificate of Completion that you can print and display
  • A Handcrafted Chinese Reflexology Stick infused with love and healing intention

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Two promises for your health and satisfaction:

1) 14-Day Test Drive
Try this program for two weeks and if it’s not for you, send me an email within 14 days of the official start date of November 9th, and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

2) 60-Day Promise of Results
I am so confident in the healing powers of Chinese Reflexology—when practiced as directed with a reflexology stick—that if you do not see an improvement in your health and well-being within 60 days of the end of the program, I’ll give you a full refund.

To qualify for the 60-Day Promise, you must be fully participating in the program by watching the lessons when they’re released, sending in a foot selfie within the first month to confirm the correct location of your reflexology points, sending in a video to get feedback on your technique, and regularly massaging your reflexology points as directed.

Please note that if you have had a health condition for years, it will not disappear in a few weeks. If you have questions about the program or whether Chinese Reflexology can be of benefit to you, please email me at holly [@]