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Chinese Reflexology Sole Mastery Program

How to Be in Command of Your Health and Destiny

Dear Amazing, Talented and Brilliant Knowledge Seeker,

I’m so happy that you’re here because it means that you’re stepping up to take command of your health and destiny.

It’s my passion to empower you to heal yourself. 

Imagine knowing exactly what your body needs to thrive. This is an amazing feeling that I cherish because I didn’t always feel this way. For over a decade, I worked in a high stress job that I despised. It wore me down and affected my health and happiness.

Eventually my body broke down and I experienced one weird ailment after another. During one year, I visited the hospital emergency room three times because I left things too long and didn’t look after myself. I felt like I was fading in and out of life and I actually wondered if I was dying.

Chinese Reflexology is what turned things around for me.

Over the course of two months of Chinese Reflexology treatments, my body’s downward spiral stopped. My health stabilized and then I started feeling better. My physical health improved and so did my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I was so amazed that I decided to learn Chinese Reflexology for myself.

That decision was the first step to completely transform my life.

Will it be your first step too?

I would love to support and guide you on an amazing journey of transformation. Discover how to heal your body, unleash your sense of adventure, and follow your soul’s calling.

Sole Mastery gives you the keys to be in command of your health and destiny, and to make a positive impact in the worldFor me, Chinese Reflexology is a gift that keeps on giving because I share it with my family and loved ones, and it’s a made an incredible difference in their lives too.

In this six-month online program. you’ll be guided step-by-step to master the ancient healing art of Chinese Reflexology. I keep the class size small so that I can provide personal support to my students—and I do this because I want you to succeed. I look forward to being your guide for the next six months and walking this journey together.

Lots of Love and Light,

In This Amazing 6-Month Program, You’ll Learn:

  • The complete system of Traditional Chinese Reflexology—over 50 powerful reflexology points to help your body heal faster. Discover how to restore balance and increase resilience in all of your body’s systems including the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory, endocrine, neuromuscular, and reproductive systems; vision and hearing; joints, and the spine.
  • Reflexology points to transform your health, including points to strengthen your immune system, release stress and toxins, increase your energy levels, lighten your mood, improve your digestion, nurture your gut and intestinal health, nourish your heart, balance your hormones, move more freely and easily, and breathe in life and vitality
  • How to use a reflexology stick the right way for 10X the power to shift your qi—get faster results with less effort and less practice time. You’ll also receive your very own handcrafted reflexology stick!
  • Powerful and life-changing ways to connect with your Dragon Spirit—your inner guidance for amazing insights into the roots of health issues so that you can let go of the past and move joyfully forward in life and follow your soul’s calling

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