New Online Workshop! Alive and Thrive: Chinese Reflexology for Women’s Health

I’m excited to announce a new upcoming online workshop on women’s health. In this online workshop, you’ll learn how to bring your body back into balance so that you have more energy, feel alive and THRIVE!

We’ll focus on Chinese Reflexology and energy healing especially for women. You’ll learn reflexology points for PMS, cramps, hormonal balancing, fertility, and more. Learn how to clear negative emotions and stuck energy held within the body, including the breasts, reproductive system and other emotionally charged areas common for women. You’ll learn how to thrive by embracing your feminine power—body, mind, heart and spirit!


Gain a wealth of tools and information to feel more energy, more alive and grounded in your body.


2 Responses to New Online Workshop! Alive and Thrive: Chinese Reflexology for Women’s Health

  1. Michelle says:

    Hello Holly,
    Was wondering if you have or could do a short workshop video on those vital points stomach, spleen, liver, etc. or is the one mentioned above held in 2013 still available for viewing? I live in Australia so would not be able to see you in person or attend a workshop.

    I love the idea of self-healing/staying healthy and thank you so much for sharing what you already have on your website.

    I am a lymphoedema therapist Dr. Vodder School trained and have a special interest in these areas as most of my clients are breast and prostate cancer survivors as well as women and men keen to keep the dreaded “C” away, myself included, and it would be wonderful to share these points with them as I already teach them how to do their at-home lymphatic drainage for their particular condition so they can self-manage their care.

    I would love to hear from you, at your convenience of course.

    Warm Regards,

    Michelle Starr
    BHSc Complementary Med., RMT, MLD.
    240 Auckland Street,
    Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, 4680
    PH. +61 407943251

    • Holly says:

      Hello Michelle,

      My goodness, quite a few years have passed since 2013! Thank you for asking and for helping others heal their bodies. I will be teaching these vital points in an upcoming program on Chinese Reflexology Fundamentals. I’m currently putting together the curriculum and hope to have it ready for early 2016. It will be an online course, so you can study in Australia! I’ve had quite a few students from down under 🙂

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