What Color Is Your Snot? – Wind Cold vs. Wind Heat Infographic

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the color of your snot is a critical factor in diagnosing and treating the common cold. If you get the diagnosis wrong, you could actually prolong a cold by consuming the wrong herbs, foods and drinks.

I’m proud and delighted to present my first ever infographic on, “What Color Is Your Snot?” It was uber-fun to make and I hope you’ll learn some useful facts too.

Check it out to discover the important difference between white phlegm vs. yellow phlegm, Wind Cold vs. Wind Heat, and how you can use this information to recover from a cold faster.


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7 thoughts on “What Color Is Your Snot? – Wind Cold vs. Wind Heat Infographic”

    1. Thank you Abdul. I used some stock photos to help speed up putting this together, but I can take credit for the concept and putting the cat in a hat and scarf. Only I would put a big booger drip hanging out of a nose 🙂

      Many blessing to you too for the new year.

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