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The Sole Circle is where you can nourish your body, mind, heart and spirit so that you THRIVE. 

  • Learn Chinese Reflexology and tap into the powerful mind body connection for health and harmony from sole to soul
  • Ongoing mentoring in small groups with two live sessions every month so that you get customized recommendations and answers to your specific questions
  • Grow your healing knowledge with access to an incredible course library and live workshops led by teachers of ancient healing traditions
  • Find kindred spirits: Sole Circle members are kind, compassionate, intelligent souls who care about others and want to make the world a better place—just like you!
  • Connect with your soul’s wisdom to heal your body and expand your life

See you in the Sole Circle!

Lots of Love and Light,

What is the Sole Circle?

The Sole Circle is an online membership that gives you access to an exclusive website of resources, personal support from me (Holly), and a global online community.

As a Sole Circle member, grow your healing toolbox with an amazing library of advanced courses—many exclusive to the Sole Circle—PLUS monthly live events and workshops. 

Level up
your health

Discover ancient healing traditions to strengthen your body and feel amazing. In the Sole Circle, you’ll learn Chinese Reflexology and powerful healing arts that have stood the test of time—because they work!

Nip the imbalances at the root of dis-ease and discomfort to achieve health and harmony. When you stoke your life force energy, you help your body heal itself. Boost your energy levels, sleep better, heal faster, find harmony and balance, and increase your resilience.

Most importantly, feel better.

“I am celebrating my wonderful healing the result of Holly’s teaching and support.”

Elisabeth G.

Expand your mind

Feed your passion for learning with the Sole Circle course library. Get front and center of healing masters in live workshops that grow your healing knowledge and wisdom. With over two dozen course recordings in the library and a new course added every month, choose what you would like to learn. 

Would you like to learn hand reflexology and which are the best acupressure points? Perhaps you’d like to discover qi-boosting breathing techniques from a Shaolin monk? Students who practiced this technique said they felt energized and slept better. Some students even had their grey hair turn back to its original color!

How about relaxing to a soothing and harmonic concert of ancient Tibetan singing bowls played by the founder of a ground-breaking Tibetan Sound Healing school? Perhaps you’d like to activate your life’s vision with the guidance of an Incan High Priestess. Experience the Taoist healing tradition of meridian massage from the Wudang Mountains in China—brought to the comfort of your living room. Yes, we bring the mountain to you!

As you grow your wisdom and knowledge in the Sole Circle, take command of your health and empower yourself to help others heal too!

“To my surprise when I told the doctor I have not been seeing well for a few months, she told me it is because my (eyeglass) prescription has REDUCED and my current prescription is too strong. So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all your encouragement and for bringing the expert masters to teach us about eye health and beyond.”


Connect with kindred spirits

What happens when intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate and caring people get together? A special place is created and it’s called the Sole Circle!

This is a place for you to feel free to be you. Instead of hiding who you are to fit in, the real you can emerge like a butterfly in the Sole Circle. For example, during one live event, Sole Circle students were candidly discussing reincarnation when one student exclaimed, “This is the only place in my life where I can talk about these things!”

With live online sessions and special events, there are so many ways to connect with your spiritual family. (When you join the Sole Circle, ask me about the two members who had a missed connection years ago. They also lived in two different countries, but they made the connection in the Sole Circle and a kindred friendship was born!)

In the Sole Circle community, find people who are passionate about the same things you are: making a difference in the world, helping others, connecting with nature, creativity, intuition, healing arts, energy and more.

If you’ve always been the one supporting others in your life, the Sole Circle is where YOU get to be supported and feel supported.

“Sole Circle members come from diverse backgrounds and every corner of the globe, yet together create an accepting, loving, truly spiritual family. Holly makes everyone feel welcome and will extend that same welcome to you if you say “yes” to Sole Circle!”

Sue G.

Touch the sky

The Sole Circle is more than just reflexology. It’s health and harmony from sole to soul—because amazing health and vitality flows from the alignment of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

Connect with the Universe to hear your Dragon Spirit—the voice within that craves adventure, exploration and expansion. Your soul knows best what you need to thrive. Get better at listening to it with the classes and meditations available in the Sole Circle.

The monthly Dragon Spirit meditations have been described as a “dream space” and a “message from the Universe just for me.” Uncover your soul’s wisdom so that you can touch the sky and dream as big as the Universe!

“Thank you for being a catalyst in transforming my inner and outer architecture. A soul catalyst.


Here's What You Get..

The Sole Circle is like Netflix and a gym membership combined. As a Sole Circle member, you have access to an amazing library of advanced courses—many exclusive to the Sole Circle.

There are live events every month where you can expand your healing knowledge and get VIP-level mentoring and support from Holly at a fraction of the cost. Plus, if you can’t join live, everything is recorded so you can watch what you want at your convenience. You can also send in your questions in advance and have the opportunity to receive custom feedback on your reflexology point locations.

Here’s what you get with your ongoing membership: 

  • Access to the course library, PLUS a new course or LIVE workshop every month: Explore advanced subjects such as TCM and Chinese Reflexology for women’s health, good digestion, and more. In addition to courses taught by me (Holly), you’ll learn from guest instructors who share their expertise in ancient healing traditions.
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Tea Time: Get your questions answered while we enjoy a cup of tea together. If you can’t join live, submit your questions in advance and watch the recording at your convenience. 
  • Monthly LIVE Point Practice: Meet online to get help locating points on your feet and answers to your questions. Practice your reflexology routine (We’re on Zoom so you can practice without anyone seeing!) while connecting with other Sole Circle members. 
  • Point Lab Recording Library: The Point Lab recordings from Point Practice are a great resource for tips and pointers on locating reflexology points on a variety of different feet. Send in your foot “selfie,” and you’ll get a visual walkthrough on how to find the points on your feet.
  • Monthly Reminder Videos: A bite-sized reminder video is released each month to help you easily integrate what you’ve learned in the Sole Circle into your day-to-day life. Each video includes a self-reflection question for improving your health and vitality through simple incremental steps.
  • Dragon Spirit Meditations: Many students tell me about the transformational healing they experience from the Dragon Spirit meditations. I’ll often hear, “It was like you were speaking directly to me!” As a member of the Sole Circle, you help decide the expansive topics we explore in the Dragon Spirit meditations. There’s a new meditation available every month, plus a vast collection of recordings.
  • Plus life-transforming events such as 30-day challenges and more…

Here's What Students Have to Say:

Holly, your class is the highlight of my week. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the BEST TRAINING I have ever received.

I am so eternally grateful for your magnificent teaching style, the extras provided including Qi Gong and for the lovely folks that I’ve met in our monthly gatherings.

~ Anna

The Sole Circle is a great resource and community to be a part of if you are interested in improving your health using Reflexology. But it is also so much more than that. 

It has so many great and unique courses and content that will help you nourish your body, mind, heart and spirit. New content is added every month so there is always something new to dive into!

Holly is a passionate, caring and fun teacher and I would highly recommend any of her courses!

~ Ranjni J.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found you. I truly believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. I was meant to find you and your wonderful teachings. I love how we learn not only Chinese reflexology but how you bring in the spiritual and emotional component in your teaching which is not only so important but much needed.

I have to say that it is rare to find a teacher that truly teaches so beautifully and from the heart and is so generous to take time to answer all our questions. You really give so much support to all your students.

It is so fun to be able to learn about so many different topics and to learn from the guest teachers you bring in.

Being part of a great group and community with teachers like you and what you offer are what keep me going and give me hope and bring me joy.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. Thank you for the light you bring.

~ Urmila

I just want you to know how grateful I am for you and for giving me a sense of belonging and also something to look forward to, a sense of purpose you might say with your classes and Sole Circle.

~ Pam 

The classes have provided me a wealth of information in a concise, organized informative way. I also enjoy your puns and joyous spirit. You make learning fun and interesting. 

I am so glad that I am taking your course. I, also, am very appreciative of your Dragon Spirit insights and the holistic approach of mind, body, spirit which you make as a part of the total course.

~ Judy

Holly is a wealth of information. Clear, precise, and accurate in teaching the class material. Holly keeps the classes light and fun telling jokes, and calling up her Dragon Spirit.

Holly’s classes have given me the confidence to maintain my health during covid times.

I encourage everyone to be a Sole Circle member. I’m happy I signed up. Forever Grateful.

~ Bruce

I just had to share some really good news that I received this week at the eye doctor. I know you have special interest in the eyes, and I have listened to you closely over the last year as having worn glasses from the age of 8 years old ( now 53) and always getting a stronger prescription at the doctor each year!

After practicing Chinese foot reflexology this last year (and I am not even super as regular as I would like to be at it yet) but even more so looking in the mirror each morning and saying the mantra “I see clearly,” to my surprise when I told the doctor I have not been seeing well for a few months, she told me it is because my prescription has REDUCED and my current prescription is too strong.

Now you can imagine how excited I feel as I have never since age 8 received this news! The doctor told me she rarely has this happen. Of course I could not help myself to say what I have been doing with foot reflexology etc…. So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all your encouragement and for sharing your story as well as bringing the expert masters to teach us about eye health and beyond.

~ Aimee

Loving the changes I’m noticing, some subtle, others dramatic. Can hardly wait to see what happens next. Continued amazement that something so simple and quick can be so transformative.

~ Mel R.

I have been a Sole Circle Member since its inception. It has been a fun and effective way to sustain my reflexology practice. Although my schedule often precludes my real-time participation, it’s so convenient that the content is also available asynchronously.

In my experience, Reflexology is not a quick band-aid fix to your problems, but rather a holistic practice that produces incremental benefits overtime that add up to improved overall body/mind/spirit wellness.

The Point Practice with Holly’s experience and depth of knowledge coupled with her modeling, diagrams, small group interaction and one-one-one attention makes you confident that you are learning the techniques correctly. 

The Q&A is an excellent vehicle for answering members’ specific questions and expanding their understanding of the Reflexology/TCM relationship. 

I look forward to the monthly reminder videos and Dragon Spirit Mediations as Holly brings thoughtful, fresh insights that are positive, uplifting and encouraging. Holly has a pleasant voice (not flat or monotonous) and great sense of humor, which is soothing for guided meditations. I also enjoy the multiple perspectives and expertise of Holly’s monthly guests.

In summary, if you have explored Holly’s blog, completed her other courses, and are looking to incorporate reflexology into your wellness routine as part of your lifestyle, Sole Circle is a great vehicle to connect with like-minded enthusiasts and keep your learning and practice current.

~ Monique

Wow, awesome. My back feels better!

Today’s Dragon Spirit meditation was wonderful.  I figured releasing stuff that’s not mine, that’d be great, but I didn’t expect such release.

~ Diane

Thanks for a wonderful course. I have learnt heaps and can feel it all helping with my chronic health issues. Going into the specific points has really ramped things up – in a very good way. Big thank you!

~ Fiona

Holly is like an earth mother grounded through deep roots in her knowledge of Chinese foot reflexology. She opens her arms wide to shower her students with sparkling gems of wisdom. She offers her teachings humbly and confidently.

Her charming voice is soothing and relaxing. Her natural talent in creating a supportive learning space is superb. This is most apparent during interactive sessions in which she responds to concerns.

Everyone is encouraged to join in, be it through writing or speaking. Holly’s concern with promoting maximum participation fosters the creation of a vibrant loving community.

Over time the members build trust, creating a virtual family. We feel safe in being vulnerable about our unique circumstances. This allows Holly to tailor her answers to match our specific needs. We all benefit from authentically expressing ourselves, thereby learning from other students’ challenges as well as triumphs.

How is learning fun? The content of Holly’s program is infused with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Lessons build on foundational principles, gaining in complexity over time. They are designed to lead us from a mastery of essential Chinese foot reflexology points, to gaining wisdom about the interconnections among body, mind and life choices.

Holly is blessed with the ability to demystify ancient concepts of Chinese Foot Reflexology into clear simple language. She stimulates and encourages our curiosity to continue deepening and expanding our knowledge base.

Who is it for? This program is designed for anyone who is committed to taking responsibility for their health: mothers treating sick kids, adults seeking to address acute or chronic conditions, and health care practitioners.

Holly initiates us into the previously secret domain of oral traditions in TCM by leading us through well structured lessons. This knowledge is priceless and has helped me transform my health. I have gained peace of mind knowing that my medicine always resides within my own hands and feet! 

~ Elisabeth G.

Your spirit’s purpose for embodiment shines in your Dragon Spirit meditations and personal insights on what nourishes our soul and body.

Thank you for being a catalyst in transforming my inner and outer architecture. A soul catalyst.

~ Shruti

In addition to the actual reflexology points and health benefits, I gained a lot of useful insights from the topics Holly raises and talks about such as body and mind connection, the power of emotions over different aspects, manifestations, connection with the universe energy and raising vibrations

These are for me the golden added value in the Sole circle! 

~ S.M.

I want to express my gratitude for this wonderful course. I have learned so much and KNOW my health is improving. Your organization and clear, concise lessons have just been fantastic. I love your humor and it makes learning more fun!!! I really appreciated what you mentioned about Setbacks. Honestly, this has been a healthy winter for me and I know it is because of the Reflexology and bi-weekly routines you have taught us.

The Dragon Spirit Space part of this course is such a bonus and I have received some great insights during this time. One insight was about a challenging relationship with a family member and how my body was speaking to me…things are so much improved since that meditation. It’s a wonderful energetic connection to everyone else in the class also.

The time and care you put into the Q&A sessions is incredible and I have learned so much from everyone’s questions and concerns. I have SO much gratitude for learning Chinese Reflexology and for having YOU as such a dedicated and Brilliant teacher !!! Thank you from deep within my Heart!!


Sole Circle is much more than a program that teaches you about Chinese reflexology. 

Holly provides you with an immense amount of information that not only pertains to reflexology, but she incorporates other eastern philosophy teachings into her program.

Holly integrates the body, mind and spirit. Sole circle has so many opportunities that you can grow from; special quests, meditation, activities, and the chance to meet other like minded individuals from around the world during the many Zoom meetings that she holds.

It has been an amazing experience to have found Holly’s Sole Circle.

~ Eva

If you find yourself drawn to kind, compassionate people who embrace holistic approaches to creating and maintaining good health, Sole Circle is for you.

As a member since its beginning in June 2020, I can personally attest to the thought and care Holly puts into every aspect of Sole Circle, from monthly Point Practice and Q&A Teatime to her short reminder videos and Dragon Spirit meditations.

From time to time, guest presenters share their expertise on a variety of topics: Qi Gong, meridian massage, healing with sound, visualization and manifestation, to name just a few.

Holly’s weekly emails keep everyone up-to-date on what is or will be happening in Sole Circle. Holly’s family anecdotes and pictures, especially of her two cats, as well as her little jokes and puns, always brighten my day and put a smile on my face.

Sole Circle members come from diverse backgrounds and every corner of the globe, yet together create an accepting, loving, truly spiritual family. Holly makes everyone feel welcome and will extend that same welcome to you if you say “yes” to Sole Circle!

~ Sue G.

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“Sole circle has so many opportunities that you can grow from; special quests, meditation, activities, and the chance to meet other like minded individuals from around the world.

It has been an amazing experience to have found Holly’s Sole Circle.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

While you can download supporting PDF documents such as slide decks, the video lessons are not downloadable.

Sole Circle membership is similar to a Netflix subscription or gym membership. You have  access to the content and ongoing support sessions for as long as you are a member of the Sole Circle.

If you choose to cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access the content after your membership expires.

The content in the Sole Circle is advanced content that I can’t share in open platforms because people need the full context of my teachings and my support in order to practice safely.

While 99.9% of members are honest and will not post the materials online, I have had people copy my content, take it out of context and put their own branding on it. They do not provide any support because they’re using the content to generate website traffic and ad revenue.

As a result, I have a “no download” policy for lower-priced offerings because I know myself.

If someone got my materials for free somewhere and experienced challenges because they didn’t have the proper context and support, I would still try to help them because of my giving nature.

As a result, the “no download” policy is in place to prevent me from overextending myself. I appreciate your understanding for why this policy is in place.

Membership is priced very affordably so that you get access to top notch courses and ongoing support. To give students continued access after they cancel, I would need to raise the price and/or eliminate personal support to students. Neither of these options is palatable to me because I want students to succeed, and I want to make Chinese Reflexology accessible to as many people as possible.

Yes, all live events are recorded. The only exception is the socializing portion from live events.

Yes! Should you choose, you can cancel your membership online at any time.

After you cancel, your membership will be valid until the end of the period that you’ve paid for, either monthly or annual.

For all new members, annual membership does not automatically renew and you’ll get a heads-up email asking if you’d like to renew again for the next year. Simply do nothing and your credit card will not be billed again.

As you learn more about Chinese Medicine and Chinese Reflexology in the Sole Circle, you will understand why the Eastern approach is so different from the Western one.

Western medicine primarily takes a one-size-fits-all approach to eliminate the symptoms of a disease.

In Chinese Medicine, there’s a saying, “One disease, many treatments. One treatment, many diseases.” What this means is that a Western diagnosis could be due to a number of different imbalances in the body’s organs and energy meridians. Therefore, it is necessary to heal the underlying imbalances that are unique to the individual.

Chinese Reflexology helps to balance and strengthen weaknesses and disharmonies in the body that are at the root of why a person experiences physical symptoms in their body. As the energy meridians come back into balance, this supports the body’s natural healing process.

And this brings us to the second half of the Chinese saying, “One treatment, many diseases.” Chinese Reflexology works to strengthen and balance the energy disharmonies that affect the body’s organs and meridians. Many diseases have their roots in imbalances in the same organs and meridians. However, these imbalances express themselves differently in different people.

Practicing a core reflexology routine with  customization based on a person’s energy imbalances can support the body in healing.

Because specific health conditions also encompass a person’s body constitution, general health, age and emotional elements, it’s impossible for me to guarantee that a condition will shift with regular reflexology practice.

However, I am very confident in saying that energy blocks and imbalances will improve. It is my observation that healing at the energy level always helps the body heal at the physical level.

I like to think of reflexology like eating nutritious food, getting enough exercise and sleeping well. It’s a key contributor to self-healing and vibrant health.

I love that you’re interested in learning how to use a reflexology stick. It’s one of the most powerful ways to stimulate the reflexology points on your feet.

Due to safety concerns, I only teach how to use a stick in my in depth Sole Mastery program. A reflexology stick provides such strong stimulation that students need the one on one support that I can only provide to a smaller group in Sole Mastery.

Students are required to take Sole Fundamentals (available to you in the Sole Circle) as a prerequisite to taking Sole Mastery. I have found that students who complete Sole Fundamentals first get the most benefit from the Sole Mastery program because they’re ready to take things to the next level.

The Sole Circle is designed so that you choose  what you’d like to learn and invest your time in. Some students watch everything and show up for almost all live events, while others tune in to a few select recordings. 

Choose to watch courses on topics you’re interested in. I highly recommend completing the Sole Fundamentals program first as it provides the foundation for everything taught in the Sole Circle. It’s about 75 to 90 minutes of lessons each month for your first four months of Sole Circle membership. 

The monthly courses are usually between 1 to 2 hours in length. You can watch the recordings whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Q&A Tea Time happens once a month and is 90-minutes in length. Point Practice is a monthly 60-minute live session. Attendance to both events is optional, and all the recordings are available so you can watch them whenever you’d like. 

If you’re as fascinated by healing as I am, there are many opportunities for learning that fit your schedule.

I also recommend that students massage their feet twice a week. Once you’re familiar with the points, it should take about 20 to 30 minutes for a session. You can practice reflexology while lying in bed, watching TV, or even during a Zoom meeting!


Yes! The Sole Circle is a global community with  students from all over the world. We’ve had members from every continent except for Antartica! 

Most of the live events are held on Monday mornings at 11am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern).

All of the live events are recorded so that you don’t need to join live. You can also submit your questions in advance for Q&A Tea Time, and email your foot photo for Point Lab..

At this time, CEUs are not available. Each certifying board has its own requirements and fees. Given the global membership of the Sole Circle, getting certified by every relevant board in the world, would be a full-time job. I prefer to focus my time and energy on supporting my students.

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