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  • Get Live Support from Holly – Get answers to your questions and help with locating points on your feet by joining the monthly Q&A Tea Time and Point Lab 
  • Join the fun, thoughtful, and supportive community, and take your health to the next level with special online events

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Hello Curious One,

It’s been over a year since I first created the Sole Circle, an online community for students to learn Chinese Reflexology on your own schedule. 

In the Sole Circle, you’ll:

  • Discover how to strengthen your body so that you feel empowered and in command of your health and vitality
  • Have fun learning when it’s convenient for you, while also getting support from Holly to help you advance your knowledge
  • Connect with your soles and your soul to supercharge your health, and welcome more harmony, balance and flow into your life

I look forward to seeing you in the Sole Circle!

Lots of Love and Light,
Holly, Founder of ChineseFootReflexology.com

What is the Sole Circle?

The Sole Circle is an online membership site to learn Chinese Reflexology to strengthen your body, and improve your health and vitality. It’s a place to recharge, focus on self-care, and connect with like-minded souls. The Sole Circle helps you:

  • Learn Chinese Reflexology at your own pace knowing there’s ongoing support to get your questions answered, help with locating points on your feet, accountability and encouragement
  • Listen to the messages from your feet for better health,  greater resilience and balance, and improved vitality
  • Connect with the wisdom of your SOUL to heal the body, mind, heart and spirit—and transform your life
  • Create time to nurture yourself and reconnect with your playful and creative spirit

It’s like Netflix and a gym membership combined. As a Sole Circle member, you have access to an amazing library of advanced courses—many exclusive to the Sole Circle—PLUS incredible opportunities for personal support. 

There are live events every month where you can get timely answers to your questions. And if you can’t join live, you can send in your questions in advance. You also get the opportunity to send in a foot photo for custom feedback on your reflexology point locations.

All of this is available to you for a low monthly rate, less than what you’d pay for three fitness classes or a gym membership, but you also get access to live workshops, an amazing library of top notch courses, and personal support from me, Holly Tse, a Hay House author and leading expert in Chinese Reflexology.

Here's What You'll Get

1) Monthly Course for Health and Vitality

With your Sole Circle membership, you can view a growing library of courses for improving your health and vitality. There’s a new course released each month. Recent topics include eye health, good digestion, and manifesting health and vitality. 

Some courses are pre-recorded, while others are taught as live workshops with recordings available afterwards.

The Sole Circle also features guest instructors. While they may not be household names, they’re the hidden gems offering incredible wisdom and healing knowledge. For example, students have had the opportunity to join live workshops and learn Qi Gong taught by a Shaolin monk.

In addition, every quarter, one of the monthly courses is a fun and creative “Me-Time” live workshop to get your qi and creativity flowing. Because many of my students are so passionate about helping others, they often don’t make enough time for themselves, or to play and have fun.

That’s why I include self-nurturing and creativity as part of the monthly courses. Students have created their own “vitality trees” and also joined together to create a “collective oracle deck,” merging soul wisdom and creativity.

2) Monthly Q&A Tea Time

Get your questions answered while we enjoy a cup of tea together or your beverage of choice.

If you can’t join live, you can send in your questions in advance. All Q&A Tea Time sessions are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience. Because membership size is limited, your question doesn’t disappear into a blackhole or get a cursory reply. In the past year, every student has had their questions answered in detail during Q&A Tea Time.

3) Point Practice and Point Lab

This monthly online meetup includes a reflexology “Point Lab” to help you find points on your feet if you’re not sure about the exact location.

Students send in foot “selfies” (a great opportunity to get custom feedback on locating the points on your feet) and I point out (bad pun intended) where the point is on your foot with the magic of software :).

In my years of teaching, I find that 10% of students locate their points with 100% accuracy, 10% are way off, and the other 80% are somewhere in between. That’s why Point Lab is an integral part of the monthly Point Practice, to help students accurately locate their reflexology points.

We also use this time to connect with each other, practice gratitude, and practice our reflexology points so that you build up your “practice muscle.” That way, if life throws you a curveball, practicing regularly will be second nature and you’ll know there’s a monthly get-together to look forward to for helping you keep up with your reflexology practice.

Students find it invaluable to see a variety of different foot shapes and sizes, and also tell me they enjoy the discussions and personal connection after the Point Lab.

Please note that only the Point Lab is recorded so that students feel free to share and interact during the practice time. 

4) Bite-Sized Reminder Videos

A bite-sized reminder video is released each month to help you easily integrate concepts you learn into your life. Each video includes a self-reflection question for improving your health and vitality through incremental simple steps. 

5) Monthly Dragon Spirit Meditation

Many students tell me about the transformational healing they experience from the Dragon Spirit meditations in my programs. I’ll often hear, “It was like you were speaking directly to me!”

Dragon Spirit is your connection to the Universe. It’s the voice within that craves adventure and excitement. It also knows the most expansive answers to your deepest questions. Think of it as your intuition or higher guidance.

When I connect to my Dragon Spirit, I receive and share guidance to help you quiet the mind so that you can hear the wisdom of your soul. Students have experienced physical, emotional and spiritual healing by tuning into their own connection with the Universe.

As a member of the Sole Circle, you’ll help decide the expansive topics we explore in the Dragon Spirit meditations. There’s a new meditation available every month. 

6) Accountability Sole Groups

For students who’d like to meet other like-minded souls and get into the habit of practicing regularly. Once a year, we organize participating students into small practice groups based on your time zone and interests.

My intention is for you to connect with your “sole group” to make new friends while practicing together via Zoom or whichever online platform your group chooses.

There are students who have been meeting weekly for a year! That’s how aligned these soul groups are. One pair of students met in a soul group and discovered that they had a “missed encounter” in real life and we’re amazed to connect through the Sole Circle because they lived in different countries. 

The live events in the Sole Circle also provide many opportunities to connect. One student spontaneously started a Sole Circle “viewing party” for course lessons. This year, we’ll be creating a virtual group for students who can’t join a live meeting, but would like the opportunity to meet others around the world. 

6) 20% Savings on the Sole Mastery Program

As a Sole Circle member, you get the best savings available for my in depth 6-month Sole Mastery program where you learn the complete system of Traditional Chinese Reflexology, including how to use a reflexology stick. Sole Circle members also get the opportunity to enroll in advance so that they can reserve their space in this limited enrollment program.

7) Personal Support from Holly

For me, the greatest reward is seeing my students thrive. That’s why unlike other online learning platforms, I don’t just put up a bunch of courses and leave you on your own. Students have a much better chance of success when they’re supported, encouraged, seen, and heard. 

I deliberately keep the membership size smaller so that you get a more intimate experience. I know the names of students’ pets, notice and compliment a new haircut or color change, and send good energy when students are moving or looking for a new job. 

The Sole Circle is the perfect balance between self-directed learning with guided support. While it’s not one-on-one like in my Sole Mastery program, there are many opportunities for you to get a high level of support that other online instructors charge hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for each month. 

By offering the Sole Circle as a membership, I can provide high calibre content and personal support, all at a very affordable rate.

Here’s how you’re supported in the Sole Circle: 

  • Get your questions answered in Q&A Tea Time: The number of members in the Sole Circle is kept smaller so that I can answer questions from every student. Depending on the volume of questions received, I might not be able to answer every question during a Q&A Tea Time, but I keep a record of all the questions sent in so that they can be answered in future Q&A sessions as time permits. You can also submit your questions in advance if you can’t join live. Instead of giving superficial 60-second answers, I make a point to answer questions thoroughly and thoughtfully so that the asker benefits and all students learn from the answer. 
  • Recommendations on custom reflexology routines: If something unexpected comes up or you’d like advice for a particular health condition, there are many opportunities to get reflexology recommendations, including Q&A Tea Time, live courses (when applicable to the topic), and during the 15-minute pre-class start times for Q&A Tea Time and Point Practice. In the past year, I’ve given personal recommendations to students who asked about a leg injury, shoulder pain, eye operation, Covid vaccine, and helping a grandchild who caught the stomach flu, to name just a few examples.
  • Get feedback on exactly where reflexology points are located on your feet: Because membership size is kept small, every student who has submitted a foot selfie for the Point Lab to date, has had their foot photo featured and received specific advice on locating their points. You can too! The benefits of Chinese Reflexology depend on massaging the right spots on your feet. If you’re going to invest the time to practice, get the maximum results with custom feedback.

What Students Say About the Sole Circle & Sole Fundamentals:

I just had to share some really good news that I received this week at the eye doctor. I know you have special interest in the eyes, and I have listened to you closely over the last year as having worn glasses from the age of 8 years old ( now 53) and always getting a stronger prescription at the doctor each year!

After practicing Chinese foot reflexology this last year (and I am not even super as regular as I would like to be at it yet) but even more so looking in the mirror each morning and saying the mantra “I see clearly,” to my surprise when I told the doctor I have not been seeing well for a few months, she told me it is because my prescription has REDUCED and my current prescription is too strong.

Now you can imagine how excited I feel as I have never since age 8 received this news! The doctor told me she rarely has this happen. Of course I could not help myself to say what I have been doing with foot reflexology etc…. So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all your encouragement and for sharing your story as well as bringing the expert masters to teach us about eye health and beyond.

~ Aimee

Holly, your class is the highlight of my week. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the BEST TRAINING I have ever received.

I am so eternally grateful for your magnificent teaching style, the extras provided including Qi Gong and for the lovely folks that I’ve met in our monthly gatherings.

~ Anna

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found you. I truly believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. I was meant to find you and your wonderful teachings. I love how we learn not only Chinese reflexology but how you bring in the spiritual and emotional component in your teaching which is not only so important but much needed.

I have to say that it is rare to find a teacher that truly teaches so beautifully and from the heart and is so generous to take time to answer all our questions. You really give so much support to all your students.

It is so fun to be able to learn about so many different topics and to learn from the guest teachers you bring in.

Being part of a great group and community with teachers like you and what you offer are what keep me going and give me hope and bring me joy.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. Thank you for the light you bring.

~ Urmila

I just want you to know how grateful I am for you and for giving me a sense of belonging and also something to look forward to, a sense of purpose you might say with your classes and Sole Circle.

~ Pam 

The classes have provided me a wealth of information in a concise, organized informative way. I also enjoy your puns and joyous spirit. You make learning fun and interesting. 

I am so glad that I am taking your course. I, also, am very appreciative of your Dragon Spirit insights and the holistic approach of mind, body, spirit which you make as a part of the total course.

~ Judy.

Loving the changes I’m noticing, some subtle, others dramatic. Can hardly wait to see what happens next. Continued amazement that something so simple and quick can be so transformative.”

~ Mel R.

Wow, awesome. My back feels better!

Today’s Dragon Spirit meditation was wonderful.  I figured releasing stuff that’s not mine, that’d be great, but I didn’t expect such release.

~ Diane

Thanks for a wonderful course. I have learnt heaps and can feel it all helping with my chronic health issues. Going into the specific points has really ramped things up – in a very good way. Big thank you!

~ Fiona

I am celebrating my wonderful healing the result of Holly’s teaching and support. It is like getting a life transfusion. I feel like the lifeless statue that I was before has now come to life in flesh and blood.

My gift of healing is the result of sincerely engaging the whole Sole Circle program including the points but more importantly being willing to face my past and the tough emotions

I was always avoiding by being busy and in denial that I was suffering. Healing came to me from my intention to go as deep as I could into myself and I used all the tools that Holly has shared with us with determination.

I am an example of when the student is ready, the teacher appears!

~ Elisabeth G.

Your spirit’s purpose for embodiment shines in your Dragon Spirit meditations and personal insights on what nourishes our soul and body.

Thank you for being a catalyst in transforming my inner and outer architecture. A soul catalyst.

~ Shruti

In addition to the actual reflexology points and health benefits, I gained a lot of useful insights from the topics Holly raises and talks about such as body and mind connection, the power of emotions over different aspects, manifestations, connection with the universe energy and raising vibrations

These are for me the golden added value in the Sole circle! 

~ S.M.

I want to express my gratitude for this wonderful course. I have learned so much and KNOW my health is improving. Your organization and clear, concise lessons have just been fantastic. I love your humor and it makes learning more fun!!! I really appreciated what you mentioned about Setbacks. Honestly, this has been a healthy winter for me and I know it is because of the Reflexology and bi-weekly routines you have taught us.

The Dragon Spirit Space part of this course is such a bonus and I have received some great insights during this time. One insight was about a challenging relationship with a family member and how my body was speaking to me…things are so much improved since that meditation. It’s a wonderful energetic connection to everyone else in the class also.

The time and care you put into the Q&A sessions is incredible and I have learned so much from everyone’s questions and concerns. I have SO much gratitude for learning Chinese Reflexology and for having YOU as such a dedicated and Brilliant teacher !!! Thank you from deep within my Heart!!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Students from all over the world have successfully learned Chinese Reflexology through my  online courses. They love the format and delivery because online learning gives you a front row seat to see the techniques up close.

I remember feeling embarrassed in live workshops about asking an instructor to repeat a technique multiple times. With online learning, you can pause and replay lessons as much as you’d like.

More importantly, students successfully apply what they learn to improve their health and that of their loved ones, too.

While you can download supporting PDF documents such as slide decks, the video lessons are not downloadable.

The membership is similar to a Netflix subscription or gym membership. You have  access to the content and ongoing support sessions for as long as you are a member of the Sole Circle.

If you choose to cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access the content after your membership expires.

The content in the Sole Circle is advanced content that I can’t share in open platforms because people need the full context of my teachings and my support in order to practice safely.

While 99.9% of members are honest and will not post the materials online, I have had people copy my content, take it out of context and put their own branding on it. They do not provide any support because they’re using the content to generate website traffic and ad revenue.

As a result, I have a “no download” policy for lower-priced offerings because I know myself.

If someone got my materials for free somewhere and experienced challenges because they didn’t have the proper context and support, I know I would still try to help them because of my giving nature.

As a result, the “no download” policy is in place to prevent me from overextending myself. I appreciate your understanding for why this policy is in place.

Membership is priced to provide members with top notch courses and ongoing support. To give students continued access after they cancel, I would need to raise the price and/or eliminate personal support to students. Neither of these options is palatable to me because I want students to succeed, and I want to make Chinese Reflexology accessible to as many people as possible.

Yes! Should you choose, you can cancel your membership online at any time.

After you cancel, your membership will be valid until the end of the period that you’ve paid for, either monthly or annual.

For all new members, annual membership does not automatically renew and you’ll get a heads-up email asking if you’d like to renew again for the next year. Simply do nothing and your credit card will not be billed again.

When I told a friend about my plans for the Sole Circle, she asked, “Why is it so cheap? It seems like there’s not a match between what a person pays and what they get because they get so much.”

I told my friend that the reason why I make the price so affordable is because I want to make  Chinese Reflexology accessible for as many people as possible because I know it makes a difference in people’s lives.

I used to work in high tech designing systems and processes so I have the ability to identify where I can increase efficiency and leverage my time while maintaining high standards.

The level of support that is provided in the Sole Circle and the quality of the content is equivalent to what other online teachers charge thousands of dollars for in a year.

I’ve always made the conscious decision to make my offerings affordable. I can do this because of my years working in high tech where I learned how to leverage my time and also leverage technology.

By offering such a low price for the Sole Circle, I hope to introduce more people to Chinese Reflexology and its amazing healing powers.

The Sole Circle is the “perfect” balance between in depth learning, ongoing support and an incredibly low price.

Many people ask me which Chinese Reflexology points to massage for a specific health condition. As you learn more about Chinese Medicine and Chinese Reflexology in the Sole Circle, you will understand why the Eastern approach is so different from the Western one.

Western medicine primarily takes a one-size-fits-all approach to eliminate the symptoms of a disease.

In Chinese Medicine, there’s a saying, “One disease, many treatments. One treatment, many diseases.” What this means is that a Western diagnosis could be due to a number of different imbalances in the body’s organs and energy meridians. Therefore, it is necessary to heal the underlying imbalances that are unique to the individual.

Chinese Reflexology helps to balance and strengthen weaknesses and disharmonies in the body that are at the root of why a person experiences physical symptoms in their body. As the energy meridians come back into balance, this supports the body’s natural healing process.

And this brings us to the second half of the Chinese saying, “One treatment, many diseases.” Chinese Reflexology works to strengthen and balance the energy disharmonies that affect the body’s organs and meridians. Many diseases have their roots in imbalances in the same organs and meridians. However, these imbalances express themselves differently in different people.

Practicing a core reflexology routine with  customization based on a person’s energy imbalances can support the body in healing.

Because specific health conditions also encompass a person’s body constitution, general health, age and emotional elements, it’s impossible for me to guarantee that a condition will shift with regular reflexology practice.

However, I am very confident in saying that energy blocks and imbalances will improve. It is my observation that healing at the energy level always helps the body heal at the physical level.

I like to think of reflexology like eating nutritious food, getting enough exercise and sleeping well. It’s a key contributor to self-healing.

This is a simple question with a complicated answer. I’d first recommend that you read the answer to the question above on, “Will Chinese Reflexology help me with a specific health issue?” This answer explains the unique Eastern approach to healing and why it’s impossible and not even advisable, to make generalizations and give a one-size-fits-all approach.

Two people with the same disease can be practicing the same reflexology points, yet experience different rates of improvement. It depends on a number of different factors that include age, how long the condition has been present, one’s general body constitution, health of one’s parents during conception and while in utero, emotional roots of the imbalance, how regularly they practice, the accuracy of their point location, which reflexology points they are massaging (best to massage the ones that address their body’s needs), lifestyle factors and the nature of the disease.

Yup, it’s that complicated because Chinese Medicine looks at the individual as a whole. How fast change happens depends on the person and what’s going on in their body.

oneMost people notice qi improvements in 3 to 4 weeks after practicing a minimum subset of foundational points. When things start shifting at the energy level, it usually takes 2 to 3 months before people see things shifting at the physical level. These may be small changes or big changes depending on the factors mentioned above that influence the rate of improvement.

For my personal journey (really sick in my early 30s due to severe stress from working in high tech for several years), it took two months to see a stabilization of my health (no longer wondering what weird ailment would strike). At the time, I was getting twice a week reflexology sessions that included all of the 50+ Traditional Chinese Reflexology points, practiced with a reflexology stick. 

After I learned how to practice on myself, it took about one and a half years to fully restore my health. I was practicing all 50+ points with a reflexology stick. This is taught in my six-month in depth Sole Mastery program. I recommend this program for people with chronic health conditions because there are often complex imbalances from a Chinese Medicine and mind body perspective. 

However, you don’t need to learn all of the points or use a reflexology stick (not advisable without instruction) to experience benefits from massaging your reflexology points regularly. These points are the foundational points for health and vitality, and they are taught as part of the Sole Circle.  

Complete beginners are welcome!

I simplify abstract Chinese Medicine concepts so that they’re easy to understand, and I teach step-by-step so no prior experience is necessary.

Students who take my online programs come from a variety of backgrounds, including people new to energy healing and professional practitioners with years of experience. 

Busyness is why I created the Sole Circle. You can watch the content when it’s convenient for you, knowing that there is ongoing monthly support.

After an enrollment period closes, you will be able to join the Sole Circle when the next enrollment period opens. Since this is still a relatively new endeavor, I can’t definitively say when enrollment will open again as it depends on the evolution of the Sole Circle. It could be a few months or it could be a year.


I love that you’re interested in learning how to use a reflexology stick. It’s one of the most powerful ways to stimulate the reflexology points on your feet.

I teach how to use a stick in my six-month in depth Sole Mastery program which happens in the fall.

A reflexology stick provides such strong stimulation that students need the one on one support that I can only provide to a smaller group in Sole Mastery.

I usually recommend that students take Sole Fundamentals first before learning how to practice with a reflexology stick. It helps create the foundation for getting the most benefit from the reflexology stick while also minimizing the potential for negative side effects.

Students who complete Sole Fundamentals first get the most benefit from the Sole Mastery program because they’re ready to take things to the next level.

Sole Circle members have the opportunity to enroll in Sole Mastery in advance and save 20% off the regular tuition.

Yes, all live events are recorded. The only exception is the socializing portion from live events.

The Sole Circle is designed so that you choose how much time you’d like to learn. You choose to watch courses on topics you’re interested in. The only recommended requirement is the Sole Fundamentals program as it provides the foundation for everything taught in the Sole Circle.

Each monthly course will be between 1 to 2 hours in length. You can watch the lessons whenever it’s convenient for you. The beauty of the Sole Circle is that if you need extra time to complete a reflexology course, you can simply join an upcoming Q&A to get your questions answered.

Q&A Tea Time happens once a month and will be 90-minutes in length. Point Practice is a monthly 60-minute live session. Attendance is optional and all the recordings are available so you can watch them whenever you’d like. 

And if you’re as fascinated by healing as I am, there are many hours of recordings available to watch!

Throughout your membership in the Sole Circle, you choose when and how often you’d like to participate.

I also recommend that students massage their feet twice a week. Once you’re familiar with the points, it should take about 20 minutes for a session. The great thing with Chinese Reflexology is that you can do it while lying in bed, watching TV, or even during a Zoom meeting for work!


Yes! I’ve had students take my online programs from all across North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand. The only continent where I haven’t had a student enroll is Antarctica!

Most of the live events are held on Monday mornings at 11am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern).

All of the live events are recorded so that you don’t need to join live. You can also submit your questions in advance for Q&A Tea Time, and email your foot photo for Point Lab..

For the Accountability Sole Groups, students will be organized based on their time zone and availability to meet. The actual online meetup times will be determined by the group. 

We will also be launching a virtual online Accountability Sole Group so that students can drop in at their convenience and meet others around the world.

At this time, CEUs are not available. I was looking into offering NCBTMB CEUs for Sole Fundamentals before  coronavirus. However, the shutdowns made it not possible for the previous year. My intention is to offer NCBTMB CEUs in the future.

Since each organization and certification board has its own requirements and fees, I will not be looking into getting certified to offer CEUs through other organizations. However, I am open to suggestions if there is sufficient interest from students.

Yes, that’s a lot of “soles”. There isn’t a sole sole. Oops, just made another bad pun.

In a nutshell:

  • Sole Circle is the upcoming reflexology membership site and includes what’s described at the top of this page
  • Sole Fundamentals is the introductory six-week program that covers about 20 essential reflexology points to build a strong foundation for health and vitality. For Summer 2021 enrollment, this program will be included for FREE as part of the Sole Circle, and delivered over the first four months of your membership. You can read more about Sole Fundamentals here
  • Sole Guidance is my book that covers the basics of practicing Chinese Reflexology. It was originally based on the first Sole Fundamentals program. Since then, the Fundamentals program has grown and includes more content and experiential learning than the book.
  • Sole Mastery is the six-month in depth program that covers the remaining 60% of Traditional Chinese Reflexology points not covered in the book or in the Sole Fundamentals program. This program also is where students learn how to practice with a reflexology stick. Sole Mastery teaches the  It’s next level learning that requires much more personal support from me so that students can practice safely with a reflexology stick. Click here to read more details about Sole Mastery

In summary, a simple way to understand these different offerings is to think of an iceberg:

At the tip of the iceberg are free articles on my website. Next are the free courses I offer such as the mini course when people join my mailing list or my annual give-back-to-readers course.

The next level is my book, Sole Guidance. It’s the DIY version of Chinese Reflexology. I wrote the book as a gift to the world for people who were unable to take my online programs. Some reflexology is better than no reflexology.

For students who want to learn more and are committed to improving their health and vitality, Sole Fundamentals is the next level of learning. While much of the content is covered in the book, it’s a completely different experience to learn in my structured programs.

Sole Circle encompasses Sole Fundamentals AND also brings in elements of the mind body connection, customization of one’s routine as the body and qi changes over time, and the enhanced accountability from the Sole Mastery program.

There is a level of accountability and commitment not present from reading a book. It’s like learning karate by reading a book vs. having the instructor there to support you.

Sole Fundamentals is one of the best ways to build a great foundation for getting the most out of Sole Mastery, my in depth program where you learn the complete system of Traditional Chinese Reflexology.

Ideally, everyone would learn what’s covered in Sole Mastery as it’s the whole kit and kaboodle in terms of Chinese Reflexology.

However, I can only teach what the student is willing to learn.

Everything I share (from the free articles to the six-month Sole Mastery program) has value and helps you improve your health and vitality.

But if one chooses to see and experience more of the “iceberg,” more will be revealed to you as your understanding grows deeper and you tune in to the wisdom of your soul to be in command of your health and destiny.

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