Welcome to the Sole Circle

A place to nourish your body, 
mind, heart and spirt

  • Enjoy a new course every month to support your health and vitality, and exclusive access to the Sole Circle course library for in depth learning beyond the basics
  • Get Supported by Holly – Custom reflexology recommendations, live Q&A, guidance on locating points on your feet, and more
  • Join the fun, thoughtful, and supportive community to take your health to the next level


I’m so excited to welcome you to the Sole Circle. Here’s where you can learn Chinese Reflexology at your convenience, get supported by me—all for an amazingly affordable price.

In the Sole Circle, you’ll:

  • Discover how to improve your health and vitality with Chinese Reflexology
  • Feel empowered with the knowledge you’ll gain of Traditional Chinese Medicine to balance and strengthen your body
  • Sample and learn from incredible instructors who are experts in ancient healing traditions
  • Nurture your body, mind, heart and spirit to welcome more harmony, balance and flow into your life

See you in the Sole Circle!

Lots of Love and Light,

What is the Sole Circle?

The Sole Circle is an online membership site to learn Chinese Reflexology to strengthen your body, and improve your health and vitality. It’s a place to recharge, focus on self-care, and connect with like-minded souls. The Sole Circle helps you:

  • Learn Chinese Reflexology at your own pace knowing there’s ongoing support to get your questions answered, help with locating points on your feet, accountability and encouragement
  • Improve your health and vitality with Chinese Reflexology and in depth monthly—In the course library, you’ll find in depth topics from ancient healing traditions such as qi gong taught by a Shaolin monk,  TCM for women’s health, TCM for better digestion, and more
  • Connect with the wisdom of your soles and soul to nurture the body, mind, heart and spirit—and transform your life

It’s like Netflix and a gym membership combined. As a Sole Circle member, you have access to an amazing library of advanced courses—many exclusive to the Sole Circle—PLUS incredible opportunities for personal support. 

There are live events every month where you can get answers to your questions. If you can’t join live, you can send in your questions in advance. You also get the opportunity to send in a foot photo for custom feedback on your reflexology point locations.

All of this is available to you for a low monthly rate, less than what you’d pay for a single acupuncture appointment. And you’ll gain a healing modality you can use for the rest of your life!

Join the Waitlist

We’ll let you know when enrollment to the Sole Circle opens again. The opportunity to join comes by once or twice a year. See you in the Sole Circle!

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