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Discover a Secret Rejuvenation Practice for Health, Vitality, Feeling Energized & Celebrating Life!

It’s fun to do, easy to learn—and you can feel
a difference in just a few minutes!

Enrollment is now closed as the workshop has passed. Watch this space for information on June 10th on how you can watch the recording.

Secrets for Vibrant Health & Longevity

Buddhist nun Fan Xiu Lan made a special journey every third moon. She would descend from the mystic ridges of Fragrant Peak and visit the local hospital. She selected the five sickest hospice patients to take back up the mountain.

By the third lunar cycle, she would return with the same patients—now miraculously cured—and gather the next five for the journey back to repeat the cycle of healing.

In Chinese healing and martial arts, there’s a tradition of keeping secrets until the student proves they’re worthy of learning—usually through years of loyalty and commitment.

However, Fan Xiu Lan didn’t hold back on sharing her secrets with those who needed them. She had a huge heart, and we want to honor and continue her legacy by sharing her rejuvenating Dao Gong practice with you. Join us for an incredible FREE online workshop: Introduction to Dao Gong. 

Activate Your Qi (Life Force Energy) with Dao Gong

You’re invited to a FREE online workshop to learn the secrets of Dao Gong’s gentle and easy movements to activate your qi (life force energy) for health and vitality, feeling energized and restoring balance in your whole body.

Dao Gong is a bit like Tai Chi or Qi Gong, only it’s quick and easy to learn, a JOY to practice, and you can notice a difference after just a few minutes—even if you’re a complete beginner!

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  • Date & Time: Saturday, June 3rd, Noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern)
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Here's What You'll Learn:


How to Balance & Strengthen Your Whole Body with a Gentle Movement That Takes Only 10 Seconds

This movement might look familiar. Most people think it’s a simple transition before you get to the good stuff. But when you learn Dao Gong’s secret layers and hidden intentions behind each movement, they become a potent force to balance and strengthen your whole body—inside and out!


Discover the Qi Shower to Wash Away Energy Blocks, and Invigorate Your Body's Life Force from Head to Toe

Learn how to practice a Qi Shower. After just a few minutes of this rejuvenating activity, you’ll feel warmer, lighter and a gentle tingling throughout your entire body. 

What you’ll feel is the sensation of activating your life force from head to toe. This pleasant self-care activity is a student favorite!


The Simple Secret to Heal Your Body and Improve Your Overall Health and Well-Being

The heart of Dao Gong is this simple secret that’s hiding in plain sight. It’s what makes Dao Gong remarkably different from other Asian healing arts. It’s why Dao Gong is so fun and potent. 

Because Dao Gong feels joyful to practice, you’ll want to do it more often. And because the benefits are cumulative, you’re celebrating life and vitality every single day!

Plus more...

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Meet Your Workshop Hosts

Hi, I’m Holly Tse, Founder of Each year, I create a full length course and make it available for free to thank readers—like you!—for your support. 

This year, I’m excited to join forces with my friend David Wei who is the Founder and Executive Director of Wudang West Cultural Heritage Center.

Like me, David’s interest in energy healing came from training in martial arts. We both realized that secrets to health and harmony were embedded within the deeper philosophies of Asian martial arts.

One of the things that makes David such an amazing instructor is that he’s an embodiment of both East and West. He grew up in California, and was inspired to journey to Wudang Mountain in China—considered to be the birthplace of Daoism—to join a temple and become a monk.

For five years, he trained 10 to 12 hours a day and learned the language of Daoism in Mandarin. David demonstrated he was a “worthy student” and was given the opportunity to learn many mystical secrets.

When David told me about Fan Xiu Lan and the amazing potency of Dao Gong, I had to share it with my readers and students because I know it will be a transformative force in many people’s lives.

I hope you’ll join us for this amazing opportunity to learn the rejuvenating art of Dao Gong. Prepare to have fun!

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