7 Traits Shared by People Who Love Chinese Reflexology

While I wrote this article a few years ago, the common traits shared by people who love Chinese Reflexology are still the same. Is this you? Check it out below…

Many of my readers know that I’m working on a book proposal to win a publishing contract with Hay House, publishers of self-help and “transformational” books. They’ve got an internationally-renowned roster of writers that includes Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue and Deepak Chopra. I love Hay House’s books and I’ve always felt that I had a book (or more) in me to write.

In spring of this year, I sent out a survey to learn more about my readers. I was going to use what I learned to write about my target audience for my book proposal. The more vivid and detailed picture I could paint, the better my book proposal.

I promised to share some of the survey findings, so if you’re curious about the demographics of people who read my blog and what you’re passionate about, check out the 7 traits shared by people who love Chinese Reflexology.

I did think about titling this article “10 traits shared by people who are interested in Chinese Reflexology,” but that seemed kinda boring. Hey, I’m an author, I get some artistic license about what I write :). I do hope you LOVE Chinese Reflexology as much as I do!


  • 4 out of 5 readers are women and 1 in 5 are men. I included “Other” as a gender category (I live in California), but no one checked that.
  • 4 out of 5 of you are also 40-years young or above :). That’s me as well.
  • You’re a smart bunch too. Over 85% of readers have some college or above and almost 20% have a post-graduate degree.
  • 1 in 4 of you is a holistic practitioner or healer. Yay!

Some Interesting and Fun Numbers…

  • The majority of readers (almost 60%) have been into alternative medicine and natural healing for over a decade. Interestingly, the next biggest group at 25% are fairly new to natural healing, having been interested in it for under 5 years.
  • 4 out of 5 readers believe in the Law of Attraction. Yes! Keep attracting the good stuff 🙂

Qualitative Info (where it gets really interesting)

In surveys, there’s the hard data (quantitative/numbers) and then there’s what’s referred to as qualitative data, which is descriptive information that can’t be measured by numbers. It’s attitudes, beliefs, and opinions. That stuff is super fun to read and also very insightful.

Based on the soft data and my experience working with clients and students, I completed a rough draft of the “Audience” section for my book proposal. As I was writing it, I noticed a number of common traits shared by readers. Here they are:

7 Common Traits

1. Curiosity and a Love of Learning

You’re smart, inquisitive and you love to learn. You question the world and want to understand how things work, especially yourself :).

2. Introspective

You’re thoughtful and contemplative. You look within to find answers and agree with Michael Jackson when he sang that if you want to change the world, you have to look at the man (or woman) in the mirror.

3. Self-Directed

You take initiative and responsibility for your personal health and well-being. Sometimes you take it for others too, but that’s because you don’t like to see your loved ones suffering, which leads us to number four…

4. Altruistic

You love helping and supporting others. You want to make a difference in the world and change it for the better because of number five…

5. Appreciation for the Interconnectedness of All Thing

You have a global perspective and appreciate how everyone and everything in life is interconnected.

6. Optimistic Outlook

Generally speaking, you see the glass as half full or overflowing! While you’re not one of those annoyingly cheery people. you definitely look on the bright side of life and try to see the best in everyone.

7. Always Seeking Expansion and Improvement

There’s an innate drive for personal growth and expansion. No one would ever describe you as complacent because you’re always looking at how to improve your life.

Nailed it? Or not? Please leave a comment to let me know if this describes you :). Thanks!

28 thoughts on “7 Traits Shared by People Who Love Chinese Reflexology”

  1. Yes that’s me. Plus I vehemently HATE western medicine. Most recently, I have a toothache. I know intuitively it’s NOT a toothache, but call my dentist anyway just in case. He does not call me back because I owe him $ and have been slow to pay. FINE. I go online and look up chinese medicine tooth chart. I discover the tooth in question is “heart, small intestine”. I do reflexology on finger points for teeth. Later I do some spiritual writing and discover the root cause of my pain. Next I find the reflexology point for heart on your site. I am moving through this ailment spiritually instead of getting my tooth pulled. Ah HA!

  2. You nailed it Holly! My o my i feel related to you! Thanks for sharing how you won the contract… Most amazing insights…am happy for you!

  3. I just want you to know what an inspiration you are to me, Holly. I too, with the exception of not just 1, but I have been blessed with 4 special needs children. A challenge at times, however would not change anything I have been blessed with for the world. I love reading & using your remedies. Thank you Holly!

  4. All except number 7, i am one of those”if it aint broke, don’t fix it” and progress for the sake of change often leaves previously known wisdom behind and it is lost to the future.

  5. This is very well researched and accurate. I am thrilled to have discovered your website and greatly value your information. My sincere thanks.

  6. claudia Säärelä

    you nailed it Holly,interesting.
    I like the way you write and express youreself and you are a wise women.
    you give me a lot of currage what is possible to live youre dream.
    thank you and that the sun will always shine for you?

  7. Spot on 100% I through to 7!! Only new to your website but absolutely love the way you teach and inspire … Much gratitude to you Holly 🙂

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