Release Your Dragon Spirit: Follow Your Soul’s Calling for Purpose & Prosperity.

Would you like to live a life of purpose, make a difference in the world, and earn a comfortable living?

Discover how to find your unique path for following your soul’s calling and welcoming abundance. You’ll also learn how to access your soul’s wisdom so that you’ll always know the tangible next steps for making your vision a reality.

Sole Guidance: Ancient Secrets of Chinese Reflexology to Heal the Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit

Learn how to improve your health and wellbeing with a holistic, fun, and easy-to-read book that introduces you to Chinese Reflexology. Published by Hay House, Sole Guidance includes instructions on how to practice a core routine for health and vitality. 

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Creative Sole: A Chinese Reflexology Adult Coloring Book to Relax and Get Your Qi Flowing

Here’s a fun and creative way to relax, get your qi flowing, and learn about Chinese Reflexology. Illustrated by Holly, this adult coloring book features a variety of whimsical designs from animals and flowers to Chinese symbols and mandalas. Foot points are woven into the designs, making them fun to discover as you add your creative touch! 

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