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NEW: Hear Your Body’s Messages

Ever get the feeling your body is trying to tell you something? Connect with the powerful healer within for an easier way to know what your body needs to heal and thrive.

Price: $49.99

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Hand Reflexology and Acupressure Points

In this hands-on course, you’ll learn how to locate and massage 18 powerful Chinese hand reflexology and acupressure points. You’ll also learn potent point combinations for many common ailments and strengthening your body.

Price: $55

Chinese Reflexology for Healthy Kids 

Discover some of the best Chinese Reflexology points to help kids stay healthy. In this instant access online course, you’ll also learn powerful point combinations for common childhood ailments, 5 Golden Rules for working with kids, TCM theory for children, and more.

Price: $75

Manifesting Health and Happiness 

Discover simple ways to boost your health and happiness! In this course, you’ll learn how to increase your manifesting abilities with the 5 Petals of Manifesting and the Multiverse Approach to create the world you want to live in. 

Price: $55

Joints and Following Your Soul’s Calling

Learn Chinese Reflexology points, Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, and the mind body connection for healthy joints and free-flowing movement.

Price: $75

Chinese Reflexology for Headaches & Migraines

Get fast relief from headache and migraine pain, and discover what you can do so that you get fewer headaches and migraines.

Price: $75

Chinese Reflexology for Strong Lung Qi & Stress Relief

Discover how to boost your body’s defenses against respiratory viruses with Chinese Reflexology. You’ll also learn the Chinese Medicine perspective on viruses so that you feel more in control of your health and well-being. 

Special Low Price: $19.99

Energize Your Eyes and Ears

Learn how to strengthen your eyes and ears with Chinese Reflexology. Get instant access to the webinar recording and lessons from an online training held in Spring 2019.

Special Low Price: $19.99

Chinese Reflexology for Cold Recovery and Prevention

Get over a cold faster and learn how to prevent one with a simple yet powerful reflexology routine. This self-study guide with tutorial video also shows you how to customize your routine to alleviate symptoms faster.

Special Low Price: $26.95

The Sole Circle for Learning, Self-Care & Community

Get access to an exclusive library of courses for your health and vitality–all at an incredible savings.

The Sole Circle is my online community where you learn Chinese Reflexology at your own pace with opportunities for support and inspiration. It’s like a Netflix subscription or gym membership, where there’s a new monthly course (and course library) for health, vitality, and personal growth.

In addition, you also get ongoing support from Holly: 

  • Answers to your questions and recommendations on how to customize your reflexology routine during the monthly Q&A Tea Time
  • Get help locating reflexology points on your feet with the Point Lab

The Sole Circle is more than just reflexology… 

It’s a place to connect with your soles AND your soul. Welcome health, harmony, balance and flow into your life by connecting to your soul’s wisdom. You’ll be joined by a community of caring and compassionate people who love learning and want to make a difference in the world. 

If you’re intelligent, intuitive and introverted (whether you’re a “behind the scenes” or extroverted introvert), this is your online community for health, soul connection and soul purpose.

  • Monthly Membership: $79/month
  • Annual Membership: $790/month
  • Join the waitlist to learn when enrollment opens again

Sole Mastery: 6-Month Online Program

In this incredibly empowering program, you’ll discover how to be in command of your health and destiny. Learn how to use a reflexology stick and confidently locate and massage all of the points in this system of Traditional Chinese Reflexology. You’ll also learn how to connect with your Dragon Spirit (heart and soul)  for life-changing transformation.

Tuition for Online Program: $3,995
Next session: 2024

Sole Fundamentals: Introduction to Chinese Reflexology

In this online program, you’ll learn a subset of the best Chinese Reflexology points to optimize your health, well-being, and longevity. If you’re looking for guidance for a specific health condition, this program will show you what you need to heal your body. Sole Fundamentals students also receive priority registration and an exclusive tuition savings on the six-month Sole Mastery program. Taking BOTH programs costs less than the regular tuition for Sole Mastery. 

Tuition for Online Program: $995
Next session: TBD

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