Workshops and Programs

1) Chinese Reflexology In Depth Online Programs:

  • Chinese Reflexology Sole Mastery Program
    This groundbreaking program is a six-month online program with the option for in-person instruction. In the Sole Mastery Program, you’ll learn how to use a reflexology stick and how to confidently locate and massage all of the points in this system of Traditional Chinese Reflexology. You’ll also learn how to connect with your Dragon Spirit for life-changing transformation.
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2) Dragon Spirit Circle:

  • The Dragon Spirit Circle is a fun monthly online gathering of like-minded souls to create with intention and express your brilliance
  • Discover how to access your Dragon Spirit so that you can clear blocks and release the negative emotions that stop you from moving forward
  • Nurture your heart and creative spirit in the Dragon Spirit Circle—a place where ideas are born and seeds of intention are planted.
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3. Webinars and Self-Study Guides:

4. Read the Book:

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What Students Say:

“I was very impressed with your presentation, both with the content and with your enthusiasm and sincerity.”

"You do all of it so beautifully and effortlessly, your stories along with your lessons on Chinese reflexology feel like helpful talks with a comforting friend."

"I really loved the way you put it together, your voice, your explanation, and the slides.”

"I am still under impression after your workshop. Tremendous!”

"You are a great teacher!"

"I have just finished watching your recording and enjoyed it immensely.”

"You seem to think of everything, which is what a good teacher does. I've taken so many classes over the years, and it's amazing how many teachers who know their material don't really know how to present it to make it usable. But you certainly do!"

"I liked the workshop very much. It is easy to follow and do."

"Thank you Holly, I enjoyed and learned much in your class."