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1) Sole Guidance: Ancient Secrets of Chinese Reflexology to Heal the Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit

Learn how to improve your health and well-being with this holistic and easy-to-read approach to practicing Chinese Reflexology. Sole Guidance includes instructions on how to practice a core routine for health and vitality.

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2) Creative Sole: A Chinese Reflexology Adult Coloring Book to Relax and Get Your Qi Flowing

Here’s a fun and creative way to relax, get your qi flowing, and learn about Chinese Reflexology. Illustrated by Holly, this adult coloring book features a variety of whimsical designs from animals and flowers to Chinese symbols and mandalas.

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Courses, Webinars & Self-Study Guides

1) Chinese Reflexology In Depth Online Programs:

  • Chinese Reflexology Sole Mastery Program
    This groundbreaking program is a six-month online program with the option for in-person instruction. In the Sole Mastery Program, you’ll learn how to use a reflexology stick and how to confidently locate and massage all of the points in this system of Traditional Chinese Reflexology. You’ll also learn how to connect with your Dragon Spirit for life-changing transformation.
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  • Sole Fundamentals Program: An Introduction to Chinese Reflexology
    In this six-week online program, you’ll learn which are the best Chinese Reflexology points to optimize your health, well-being, and longevity. If you’re looking for guidance for a specific health condition, this program will show you what you need to heal your body. Sole Fundamentals students also receive priority registration and a special discounted tuition for the 6-month Sole Mastery program.
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2) Dragon Spirit Circle:

  • The Dragon Spirit Circle is a fun monthly online gathering of like-minded souls to create with intention and express your brilliance
  • Discover how to access your Dragon Spirit so that you can clear blocks and release the negative emotions that stop you from moving forward
  • Nurture your heart and creative spirit in the Dragon Spirit Circle—a place where ideas are born and seeds of intention are planted.
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3. Webinars and Self-Study Guides:

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