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Learn how the ancient healing Chinese Reflexology helps boost your “digestive fire” for more energy, better sleep, and a stronger body.

Discover how ONE Chinese Reflexology point holds the key for optimal digestion.


According to Chinese Medicine, many diseases are due to accumulated toxins. The lymphatic system helps flush out toxins. Learn how to massage the lymphatic drainage point and get a FREE Chinese Reflexology lymphatic system chart.


If you’ve got a cough that’s been dragging on for weeks, read this article! Once you start massaging these two Chinese Reflexology points as directed, it can help you clear away your cough in just a few days.



Latest Podcast: #84 - All the Things Left Unsaid

In the final episode of this podcast series, The Holly Tse Show: Express Your Brilliance with Ease and Flow, we will explore all the things left unsaid. This episode is for anyone who has ever not spoken up in order to maintain peace and harmony for others. 

While it seemed like the best choice at the time, you now realize that when you keep quiet for others, you create disharmony within yourself. It’s time to let go, clear and release any pain, guilt, shame, anger or regret you feel because you didn’t speak up. Tune in to this episode for the dawn of a new era of compassion, self-love and speaking your truth. 


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