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If you experience digestive issues, Please join me for the Healthy, Happy Gut Summit, a three-day online event to cleanse, nourish and restore your digestive health — the key to your overall wellbeing! This incredible event is complimentary and completely online—and it begins on January 14th. 


According to Chinese Medicine, many diseases are due to accumulated toxins. The lymphatic system helps flush out toxins. Learn how to massage the lymphatic drainage point and get a FREE Chinese Reflexology lymphatic system chart.


If you’ve got a cough that’s been dragging on for weeks, read this article! Once you start massaging these two Chinese Reflexology points as directed, it can help you clear away your cough in just a few days.



Latest Podcast: #82 - Letting Go of Grief: Healing from the Loss of a Loved One

If you’ve lost a loved one and are having a hard time healing, tune in to this episode to connect with the energy of those you love. Let go of grief by feeling the love in your heart. When you release the sadness, you’ll be able to step forward into your light and express your brilliance with ease and flow.

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In the international bestseller Sole Guidance, you’ll learn a weekly reflexology routine for health and vitality

Get to know the points better and have fun with Creative Sole. This reflexology coloring book for adults will get your qi and creativity flowing! 

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