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Each year, I host an annual give back to readers event to thank you for your support. Please join me this year for a FREE course on Chinese Reflexology for Strong Lung Qi


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Learn what I do to stay healthy during the pandemic. You’ll learn what I share with everyone I know and what I tell my friends and family. There ARE Chinese Reflexology points to help boost your body’s defenses and speed recovery from respiratory infections.
Watch the entire course for FREE until Midnight on June 14th.

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If you’re a runner with knee pain or if you’ve got chronic knee problems, learn how to heal your knees faster and prevent injuries with Chinese Reflexology. This reflexology point is beneficial for injuries faster, weird twinges and wobbles, and it’s also helpful for long-term chronic weakness in the knees.

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In this short video, I’ll walk you through how to locate and massage Heart-7, one of the most commonly used acupuncture points to help “calm the spirit.” Watch relaxing nature scenes and listen to soothing music as you practice massaging this point.

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Featured Podcast: 3 Ways to Align with Prosperity

Here are 3 tangible and practical ways to shift your mindset to attract abundance and prosperity. Discover how to release the spiritual person’s paradox of over-giving and not getting paid for your gifts.

This episode also includes a special Dragon Spirit meditation to align yourself with abundance. Tune in to learn what’s been stopping you in the past so that you can shift your energy for prosperity. After listening to this episode, you’ll gain a paradigm for earning a good living, doing good work and staying in alignment with the highest good for all.

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In the international bestseller Sole Guidance, you’ll learn a weekly reflexology routine for health and vitality

Get to know the points better and have fun with Creative Sole. This reflexology coloring book for adults will get your qi and creativity flowing! 

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