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Discover 2 ways to use the Chinese Reflexology Lung point to boosts your body’s defenses against respiratory viruses. 

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world in spring of 2020, my family like many others was… 

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Sensitive points let you know what’s going on in your body at the energy level, thus empowering you to take command of your health and vitality. Here’s a little rhyme to help you learn what sensitive points indicate: Something new, something old, something…

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Would you like to know how the Chinese Reflexology point for the brain can help improve your memory? A family member asked me to show her if there were any reflexology points to improve memory. She noticed that her memory wasn’t as good as it used to be and she was occasionally a bit forgetful…

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Featured Podcast: Connecting with the Element of Wood to Let Go of Control and Surrender Into the Flow of Life

Did you know that tension in your body shows you where you’re trying to control your life? But control is just an illusion.

In this episode, we’ll connect with the natural element of wood for a special lesson from the trees about the power of surrender and going with the flow.

The element of wood is associated with the Liver, and the Liver is associated with the smooth flow of qi throughout your body. How easily you allow the flow of life is a reflection of how easily the qi flows through your body. Discover what it means to have tightness in your jaw, face, back, forehead, belly, shoulders and more.

Learn how going against your true nature manifests in the world you see, and how you can be in harmony with your true nature to bring forth harmony for humanity and nature.

Everything that we manifest and see in this world is an opportunity for growth and expansion and to change things. even when it seems darkest and heaviest. This is an opportunity for your light to shine most brightly.


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Here’s a fun way to learn the location of Chinese Reflexology points on your feet. Get to know the points better and have fun coloring at the same time. It’s a wonderful way to get your qi and your creativity flowing! 

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