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If you’re feeling stressed out, worried or overwhelmed, here are five points to calm your body, mind, heart, and spirit. These Chinese Reflexology and acupressure points powerfully relieve stress and anxiety so that you can clear your mind and feel more relaxed and peaceful.


Learn how the ancient healing Chinese Reflexology helps boost your “digestive fire” for more energy, better sleep, and a stronger body.

Discover how ONE Chinese Reflexology point holds the key for optimal digestion.


According to Chinese Medicine, many diseases are due to accumulated toxins. The lymphatic system helps flush out toxins. Learn how to massage the lymphatic drainage point and get a FREE Chinese Reflexology lymphatic system chart.



Podcasts Now on YouTube: Choosing the Best Path

I’m super excited to announce that I am “YouTube-ifying” my podcast episodes. If you’re facing a major decision in life and agonizing over the “right” choice, here’s how to easily and effortlessly choose the most expansive path. 

This episode of “The Holly Tse Show: Express Your Brilliance with Ease and Flow” includes a short Dragon Spirit meditation to help you tune in to your intuition and follow your soul’s calling. If you find it hard to meditate because your mind is always spinning, this Dragon Spirit meditation will let you find your center and create a space of stillness.

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In the international bestseller Sole Guidance, you’ll learn a weekly reflexology routine for health and vitality

Get to know the points better and have fun with Creative Sole. This reflexology coloring book for adults will get your qi and creativity flowing! 

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