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Here’s a fun and creative Chinese Reflexology coloring book to get your qi and creativity flowing. I’m super excited to announce the release of my brand new reflexology coloring book for adults. 


If you’ve ever wondered whether you can practice Chinese Reflexology on children, the answer is YES! Read Martie’s story to learn how Chinese Reflexology helped her family get over the stomach flu FAST.


With so much health information online, it can often feel overwhelming to figure out what to do to be healthy and thrive. Discover a simple way to optimize your health and vitality by following three guiding principles.


Latest Podcast: #77
Enter the Dragon Spirit Space to Connect with Your Dragon Spirit

In this episode, we’ll enter the Dragon Spirit space so that you can quiet your mind and hear your inner voice and higher guidance more clearly. Learn how to tell your inner guidance apart from the chatter of your mind. 

When you tune in to this episode, you’ll gain a shortcut to connect to the Universe so that you can feel into the wisdom and clarity of your soul.

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