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Do you have sciatica or hip pain? Feel stiff or achy hips after sitting at a desk for hours? Here’s a simple massage technique that takes just 30 seconds, and it’s based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Do you suffer from sciatica pain that radiates down your lower back and legs? In this article, you’ll learn about 4 Chinese Reflexology points that you can massage yourself at home.

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Hydrate your skin with a Chinese Reflexology foot point that increases the circulation of qi and blood to your face. Learn about the Chinese Medicine theory behind wrinkles and what you can do to replenish your internal “moisturizing” yin. (Includes  video instruction)

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Discover some of the best Chinese Reflexology points to help kids stay healthy. You’ll also learn powerful point combinations for common childhood ailments, 5 Golden Rules for working with kids, TCM theory for children, and more.


How to Release Jaw Tension with 2 Acupressure Points

In this 3-minute video, you’ll learn two of the best acupressure points to release jaw tension. They’re also helpful for TMJ, lockjaw, and jaw pain and swelling.

The first point you’ll learn is San Jiao-21. It’s also beneficial for ear-related issues. The second point demonstrated in the video is Stomach-6, and it’s commonly used in acupuncture clinic to treat many types of issues related to the jaw.