Chinese Reflexology with Holly Tse

Chinese Reflexology with Holly Tse


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Looking for the perfect gift for the person in your life who insists they don’t need anything? Give them a gift that speaks to their passion for learning, creativity, and personal growth.

  • Sole Guidance is a hands-on introduction to Chinese Reflexology
  • Creative Sole is a fun and creative way to learn reflexology point locations
  • Release Your Dragon Spirit is a practical and down-to-earth way to follow your soul’s calling for purpose and prosperity 

Recently, my students and I were blessed with a sound healing workshop taught by Diáne Mandle. Diáne is one of the leading experts in North America on Tibetan Sound Healing. She introduced us to this healing art and treated us to a mini concert in the Sole Circle, my Chinese Reflexology and self-care membership site.

Everyone was enthralled with the enchanting and soothing sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls and the other sacred sound instruments. The experience was magical and moving, and left us feeling peaceful and relaxed.

We learned so much about Tibetan Sound healing in the workshop, and I was amazed to discover how much Tibetan Sound Healing and Chinese Reflexology have in common. 

Can you guess what the similarities are?

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Want to perk up your lymphatic system? Here’s how energy and emotions affect the flow of lymph through your body.

Before I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, I had no idea what the lymphatic system was or what it did. Had I known, I would have done things differently because the lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in your body for immunity, detoxing, and overall health.

It’s also one of the most overlooked systems.

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How to Release Jaw Tension with 2 Acupressure Points

In this 3-minute video, you’ll learn two of the best acupressure points to release jaw tension. They’re also helpful for TMJ, lockjaw, and jaw pain and swelling.

The first point you’ll learn is San Jiao-21. It’s also beneficial for ear-related issues. The second point demonstrated in the video is Stomach-6, and it’s commonly used in acupuncture clinic to treat many types of issues related to the jaw.

Soul Perspectives on Dealing with Life’s Challenges

The mind body connection is quintessential for your health and vitality. That’s why it’s helpful to have a “soul perspective” when life throws you a curveball so that you can better navigate the challenges you face, and do your best to maintain balance and harmony in your body.

If you’ve been facing difficult times, gain a soul perspective that can help you move through the situation with more ease and flow.

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Here are acupressure and reflexology points that can help with motion sickness and nausea, stress and anxiety, germ protection, improving circulation, and ear pain and pressure during takeoff and landing. Have a safe flight and enjoy your travels :).

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