Chinese Reflexology Points for Cold Recovery and Prevention

Here’s the link to download the quick reference chart of Chinese Reflexology Points for Cold Recovery and Prevention.

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Discover the Chinese Medicine perspective on viruses and pathogens so that you can boost your body’s defenses against respiratory viruses and feel more in control of your health and well-being.

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  • Chinese Reflexology points to practice to strengthen your Lung qi and boost your body’s defenses against what Chinese Medicine refers to as “external pathogens.” These are outside influences that can negatively impact the body and include weather, allergens, and germs. 
  • Foods to avoid because they make it harder for your body to recover from respiratory ailments
  • Why seemingly healthy people get sick and what you can do to keep yourself strong and healthy–the Chinese Medicine approach may be completely opposite of what you might think
  • How to know what’s really going on in your body versus hoping for the best or feeling uncertain
  • Reflexology points for strengthening your body’s ability to recover from a respiratory virus and also for releasing stress

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