Hand Reflexology and
Acupressure Points

Discover powerful Chinese Reflexology hand points and acupressure points for your health and vitality!

Your body contains an amazing network of pressure points to restore balance and heal your body. Tapping into this amazing network is as simple as pressing your thumb into a cookie! All you need to do is learn where to press.

In Hand Reflexology and Acupressure, you’ll get hands on experience practicing some of the most useful and versatile Chinese hand reflexology points and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points.

Get instant access to the video recording to learn:

  • How to locate and massage 10 handy Chinese hand reflexology points
  • 9 of the most versatile and powerful acupuncture points chosen by acupuncturists for their healing prowess—Learn how to stimulate these points using just your hands (no needles involved!)
  • Potent point combinations for cold and flu, seasonal allergy symptoms, relieving headache pain and shoulder pain, constipation, insomnia, stress relief, strengthening your body, and more

Add this incredible knowledge to your healing toolkit today!

The video recording of this course is from the online workshop taught by Holly in the Sole Circle online community. If you’re new to Chinese Reflexology and Chinese Medicine this course is a great way to dive in and learn ancient healing techniques—that are both simple and practical— to support your health and well-being.

“This was a Fantastic Class today! Lots of Amazing Information!”

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