“So You Want to Get Over a Cold and
Feel Better Right Now?”

[wp_eStore_cart_fancy1_when_not_empty]What if there was a natural way to get better 3x faster and even prevent a cold in the first place?

“My cold was completely gone within two and half days. The other people in my office that had the cold were sick for 7-10 days” – Julie, working mom with 2 kids

EPUBCoverSSG-ColdRecoveryWebEver come down with a nasty cold? You’re feeling miserable and want to crawl under the covers, but you can’t because people are depending on you.

Why suffer longer than you have to with a runny nose, stuffy head, body aches and a horrible cough? If you’re tired of not feeling your best for yourself and others, kick your cold to the curb and get better faster—naturally.

Find out how with with the Chinese Reflexology Self-Study Guide on Cold Recovery and Prevention.

When my son was a toddler, I caught a bad cold that hit me like a ton of bricks. I was a full-time mom looking after a high energy kid and I couldn’t afford to be sick. So I created a Chinese Reflexology routine to get over a cold fast. I felt better right away and was so glad that I had the energy to look after my son. I got over my cold in two days!

This amazing reflexology routine worked so well I had to share it with the world. It’s based on the ancient healing tradition of Chinese Reflexology where massaging your feet connects you to the energy meridians in your body. This ancient wisdom has been a well-guarded secret passed down from master to student for thousands of years. Now you can benefit from this powerful healing art.

“Thank you. I had been annoyingly dealing with the runny nose for two days and needed a break. I got one. I am feeling better.” – Lisa

If you’re feeling sick and run down, you can start rubbing your feet to feel better right away. When you massage the powerful reflexology points for cold recovery and prevention, you boost your body’s life force energy to fight a cold.

You don’t even have to get out of bed or off the couch. All you have to do is massage your feet. It takes 5 minutes to practice and it’s simple and easy to learn.

In the self-study guide, you’ll:

  • Learn the 5 Chinese Reflexology power points for cold recovery and prevention, plus 2 additional points for runny noses and really bad coughs
  • Discover how to create your own custom routine based on your cold symptoms
  • Find out how to never catch a cold again by letting go of the energy and emotions that are cold and flu magnets

You’ll gain a powerful way to heal your body and get tools and techniques to stay healthy even if everyone around you is coughing and sneezing.

What’s Included:


  • 8-minute video of the reflexology points so that you can start practicing right away and get immediate relief
  • PDF version of the self-study guide on Cold Recovery and Prevention
  • Ebook version of the guide to conveniently use with your mobile devices (EPUB and MOBI files)

Get Your Cold Recovery and Prevention Guide Today

Stay ahead of the curve on winter by ordering the Cold Recovery and Prevention Guide today. You’ll receive immediate access to download the guide and the instructional video for only $26.95.

That’s less than what you’d pay for vitamins and a bottle of syrupy goo that masks your symptoms, but doesn’t actually help you get better. Rather than spend that money every cold season to treat your symptoms, you could learn a simple and natural healing technique that you can use for the rest of your life!

Discover how to help you and your family stay healthy all year long with the Chinese Reflexology Self-Study Guide on Cold Recovery and Prevention.

Self-Study Guide: $26.95

30-Day Money-Back Promise

If you are not 100% satisfied with the study guide, send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Success Stories

"For the last few days, I have woken with very dry throat, mucous in my nose and throat. I feel different, clearer, since doing the routine on my feet. My neck has been stiff and I feel it much looser now, my nose feels clear and my lungs more open."
- Marilyn

"You’ve got some serious Chinese medicine going on here! I just did as you instructed (quite clearly, thank you!) and my feet hurt but I do feel better already. Man...that’s powerful mojo because I have been sick as a dog today!”
- Suzanne

"This works! I’ve done this a few times now and most times I saw dramatic improvement by the next day. The sinus and throat points seem to take effect right away and they helped me get a decent night of sleep, which of course helps recovery."
- Max

"I had been practicing it on myself and my 3 boys since end of fall season. The feet pics and instructions are clear and easy to follow. What could I say? They worked and very effective in preventing the cold cycle becoming full blown."

"My son had a terrible sore throat and stuffy nose Thursday. We were leaving Saturday for a week-long road trip. I bought Holly's Self-Study Guide on Cold Recovery and Prevention, and massaged his feet. My son said he could actually FEEL his throat getting less sore and his nose started clearing up. He's feeling better.....WooHoo! It works!"
- Marielle