Dragon Spirit Coloring Club

Welcome to the Dragon Spirit Coloring Club—a creative force to boost your life force energy and get your qi flowing. Download the free coloring sheet to get started.

Have fun coloring!

I’ll periodically host spontaneous and fun creative sessions online. Join the Dragon Spirit Coloring Club for FREE to get all the details.

Join the Dragon Spirit Coloring Club for Free

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Want to Color and Learn?

If you’d like to color AND learn more, here’s a FUN and creative way:

  • Learn about Chinese Reflexology while you color with the Dragon Spirit Coloring Set
  • Includes 6 hand-illustrated (by Holly) coloring sheets, 5 mini lessons including a video demonstration on how to locate and massage your Kidney point, and a bonus Dragon Spirit meditation
  • Release your creativity, relax, have fun, and get your qi and creative energies flowing!