What is Chinese Reflexology?

Traditional Chinese Reflexology is a therapeutic style of reflexology based on the principles of Chinese medicine. Thorough a deep and invigorating massage of the reflex points on your feet, Traditional Chinese Reflexology helps to balance the flow of energy throughout your body.

How does it work?

One of the core principles in Traditional Chinese Medicine is qi, which can be described as life force or vital energy. Similar to how we have a circulatory system for blood, our bodies have energy pathways for the flow of qi. When qi is flowing properly, our bodies are in harmony and we experience wellness.

The major energy pathways in the body connect with your feet. Thus, your foot is considered the headquarters for the energy pathways in your body. It’s a microcosm of your entire body as reflex points on your feet connect energetically to different organs and areas of the body.

If a reflex point is sensitive to the touch, this indicates that the corresponding area of the body is experiencing a disruption in the flow of qi. Massaging these reflex points helps to clear toxins and improve the flow of energy.

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