2 Minutes to Feel Calmer

Here’s a powerful acupressure point to help relieve stress and anxiety.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Heart-7 is the most commonly used acupuncture point to “calm the spirit.” This point is used to treat insomnia, heart palpitations, fear, sadness, and agitation.

The Chinese name for Heart-7 is shen men, which means “spirit gate.” The Chinese Medicine perspective is that the Heart houses the spirit, so if there’s an imbalance in the Heart or its energy meridian, then one’s spirit can become disturbed and restless. This can result in anxiety, fear, restlessness and sleep disturbances.

Massaging Heart-7 helps balance the Heart meridian, which helps to restore a sense of peace and harmony to one’s spirit.

Watch the video below as I walk you through how to locate and massage this point. I even included some relaxing nature scenes and music so that you can practice massaging this point as you watch the video.

I recommend massaging Heart-7 as needed, but no more than once or twice a day.


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