Money Mindset for Healers

Are you a healer, transformational coach, or someone who helps other people and the planet? Or perhaps you would like to transition from a “regular job” to follow your soul’s calling and make a difference in the world.

The Universe has been nudging me to expand my teachings to help healers so that we can collectively make the world a better place and have a bigger impact.

One of the greatest challenges of light workers, healers, and helpers is welcoming abundance and valuing your worth. When you have the gift to uplift others and facilitate healing, you often feel like your should be giving your gifts away for free.

You’re brilliant at this, it feels joyous, so why you should you get paid when it’s not hard work or a struggle? Working in high tech felt like torture to me, but teaching people how to heal feels amazing!

While I love teaching Chinese Reflexology and the Mind Body connection to help people improve their health and well-being, I’m being called to expand. I can reach thousands of people with my blog, but if I help the people who help others and the planet, then together, we can reach millions of people. How amazing would that be!

I’m being guided by the Universe to teach specifically about prosperity for healers so that you can achieve financial freedom, and grow your online reach.

When you remove the stress of having to make money, you create space to hear your inner guidance so that you can make your dreams come alive and amplify your impact in the world.

This is the journey I’ve been walking these past three years. While I’m not financially free yet, I’m on the path! Woohoo! As a result, I I have more free time, I can volunteer for non-profit organizations that I’m passionate about, and I have me-time to replenish and refill my cup so that I can make an even bigger impact.

I also spend less time on the business aspects of my business, and have more time to focus on supporting my students. None of this would be possible without shifting my money mindset first. Learn how you can, too!  

It’s not about the things you do (e.g. build a website, write compelling copy, author a book, make a nice logo, follow a sales system, get 10K Facebook fans, grow your YouTube channel, etc.) that bring prosperity. It’s your mindset.

If you could share your gifts without the pressure to make money because you need to provide for yourself and family, how much more effective could you be? What bigger impact could you make if you’re not struggling financially?

Imagine if you had the abundance to carry out your vision with ease and magnitude. Imagine the impact you could make if you were financially free.

Watch the video recording to learn:

  • The greatest challenge facing healers when it comes to abundance, and how to overcome this
  • How to make money your friend when you “don’t care about money” and aren’t materialistic
  • A tangible understanding of what “financial freedom” is, and a realistic timeframe for achieving it. Once you learn, you’ll be able to set clear goals and intentions!
  • How Law of Attraction influences the amount of money in your life
  • Ways to shift your mindset to attract financial prosperity

I created this free talk as a gift to healers because the Universe is asking me to help people who help other people and the planet. More FREE talks will be coming in the future. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to get them all, and grow your money mindset for financial prosperity.

If you know someone who would benefit from this video, please share it with them. The more healers we can help, the bigger impact we’ll have on the world! Thank you!