3 Quick Tips to Avoid Catching a Cold

It’s actually very easy to avoid catching a cold.  You don’t have to bathe in Purell or avoid everyone you know.  Show me someone with a cold (other than a child), and I’ll show you someone who made a conscious decision several days before the cold to push themselves when they knew they should have rested.

There’s that little voice inside you—which is really a big, huge, enormously powerful voice that our minds unfortunately relegate to “little status”—that tells you when to take it easy.  You’ve heard it!  I know you have.  Maybe it said, “Go to sleep earlier.  Don’t try to get one more thing done.  Call in for a mental health day at work.”

When you choose to ignore it, the voice gets a little louder and more insistent. And, if you still ignore it and push yourself, you soon find yourself with a cold. If you find the cold lingering, ask yourself, “What are you getting from having a cold?  What’s the benefit?”

Is it sympathy?  Is it rest?  Is it acknowledgement?  Ask your heart not your head.  You’ll probably discover a deep-seated need to nurture yourself.

So, how do you avoid catching a cold in the first place?  Here are three tips to keep you feeling great and breathing clear:

  1. Listen to that wise voice inside when it asks you to take a break.  You might not finish that one item on your to-do list, but you also won’t lose a week of productivity to a cold.
  2. When you start feeling like you might catch a cold, focus on the areas in your body that don’t feel sick.  This is a little “hocus-pocus” law of attraction, but it’s really powerful!  For example, if the left side of your throat feels sore, notice how the right side feels just fine.  If both sides are sore, notice that your head still feels clear. You want to focus on wellness over sickness. There’s a reason why the placebo effect works. It’s the power of your mind!
  3. Do my 5-Minute Reflexology routine on 5 Chinese Reflexology points to massage for a cold.  It works for preventing a cold too.

If you never want to catch a cold in your life again, listen to that big voice inside, and nurture your mind, body, soul and spirit.