The Ultimate Reflexology Point for Cold Prevention

Discover how to prevent a cold BEFORE it happens. With Chinese Reflexology, you can detect and reverse a cold at the energy level even before symptoms appear. This lets you nip it in the bud right away so that you can stay healthy and strong all year long.


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on 3 Chinese Reflexology Points to Get Instant Feedback on Your Health and Wellbeing. What many of you don’t know is that the article was originally titled “4 Chinese Reflexology Points.” I realized I had written over 1,000 words and I was still on the first point so I decided to cut out a point and write about it in another article.

That’s what today’s post is all about. It’s the missing fourth point. This point is especially timely during the fall (or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere) because when the seasons are changing from hot to cold or cold to hot, our bodies are most susceptible to catching a cold.

That’s because the fluctuating temperatures and the wind that accompanies changing weather patterns are a recipe for catching a cold according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. As well, for many people who suffer from seasonal allergies, this is when your allergies are acting up and irritating your respiratory tract. This weakens your natural defenses and makes it more likely to catch a cold.

The Chinese Reflexology point you’re about to learn is really helpful because it gives you an early warning sign that a cold is about to creep into your body. When you can detect a cold at the energy level, you can stop it before you actually get sick.

The Chinese Reflexology Lung Point

Use It to Check: If you’re on the verge of catching a cold

Why It Matters: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lung meridian is the first barrier to protect your body from “evil pathogens” (aka germs). Thus, strengthening the Qi in the lung channel helps to fortify your body’s natural defenses. The lungs also circulate your “Wei Qi” or defensive qi to form a protective barrier around your body.

It’s like the protective force field around a space ship. My son is 5 and really into Lego Star Wars right now so I’ve been into the space metaphors lately. When you’re flying through an asteroid belt of cold germs, you want your shields at full strength.

There is a Chinese proverb that says.

“The superior doctor prevents sickness. The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness. The inferior doctor treats actual sickness.”

Chinese Reflexology works by healing the body at the energy level. When you do this, you can head off a cold before physical symptoms show up in your body.

I love helping people heal their bodies, but what really excites me is teaching people how to have amazing health and vitality for the rest of their lives. When you know how to bring your body back into balance at the energy level, you can heal yourself BEFORE anything shows up at the physical level. This gives you the power to stay healthy and thrive!!!!!!!! <== Multiple exclamation points to emphasize just how EXCITING this is. 🙂

So, let’s begin by learning about the lung point

How to Check Your Lung Reflexology Point

The lung point is a rectangular-shaped area on the balls of the feet below the three middle toes.

To get a reading on your lung point, use your thumb pads to press deeply into this area. Use a firm pressure and move your thumbs across the entire lung reflexology area.

Notice if you feel any sensitive points on this area. The left foot corresponds to your left lung and the right foot corresponds to the right lung. As well, the upper part of this reflexology area refers to your upper bronchial tubes and the lower portion relates to your alveoli, those little sacs in your lungs where respiration occurs.

You want to pay attention to how sensitive your lung reflexology point feels when you massage it. This gives you a baseline of what your lung point feels like when you DON’T have a cold. Thus, if you notice a change in the sensitivity of the point, you’ll know that you could be on the brink of catching a cold.

What It Means if Your Lung Point Is Sensitive Right Now

For most people, the lung point is not usually very sensitive. However, there are some situations where this point may be quite sensitive such as:

  • You’re a smoker or you used to smoke. Even if you quit a long time ago, your lungs may not have fully cleared the energy block created from years of smoking.
  • Your parents smoked or you are/were exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke.
  • You have asthma or another chronic respiratory condition.

How to Use Your Early Warning Signal

Whenever you’re pushing yourself too hard, not getting enough sleep or exposed to a sick co-worker or family member, you can check your lung point to see if your energy defenses are down.

The weakness in your defensive Qi will show up about a day BEFORE you catch a cold. You’ll know because your lung point will feel much more sensitive than it does right now. This is your warning sign to fortify your force field.

How to Stop a Cold Before It Happens

As soon as you detect increased sensitivity in your lung point, consider yourself very fortunate because at this point, you can clear any energy disharmony and strengthen your defenses right away. The best part is you already know how to do it!

You just practiced massaging your lung point when you were checking it. Now all you have to do is practice the same technique to strengthen your lung Qi.

Instead of just pressing your lung point for a few seconds, massage it for 60 seconds. Do this four times a day as follows:

  1. First thing in the morning when you wake up
  2. An hour before or after lunch
  3. At the end of the day before dinner
  4. Before you go to bed

Equally Important!

You also have to pay attention to the message your body is telling you. When your defenses are down, it’s a sign that you need to rest. Don’t push yourself, scale back on activities and get enough sleep.

Support your body with fresh fruits, vegetables and supplements. As well, avoid foods that can cause mucus to from in your body. From a Chinese medicine perspective, dairy is the most common culprit. So skip the yoghurt and cheese for a few days until your lung point no longer feels sensitive.

I would love it if everyone practiced preventative measures right away. Unfortunately we sometimes get so busy, we let things slide. I understand completely. There are times when you really want to get just one more thing done or it seems like you’re too busy helping everyone else that there’s no time for you.

And that’s when we actually get a benefit from catching a cold. It gives us a chance to rest. If you do catch a cold, you can use Chinese Reflexology to get better faster.

How to Learn More About
Chinese Reflexology for Cold Prevention and Recovery

If you’d like to learn additional reflexology points to strengthen your body and get over a cold faster, I invite you to discover how in an upcoming online workshop on Chinese Reflexology for Cold Prevention and Recovery.

This is the first time I’m teaching this workshop BEFORE the cold and flu season. I used to teach it during the cold season because I was too busy looking after my son to get it together ahead of time.

However, he started kindergarten this year and I’ve got much more time. That’s why I’m excited to be teaching this workshop early so that you can learn how to keep yourself healthy all winter long. And if you’ve got kids, you’ll also learn how to use Chinese Reflexology to help your kids get better faster from the inevitable sniffles.

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