Why Women Matter: The Spiritual and Emotional Roots of Women’s Health Issues

Women MatterLast Friday’s Dragon Spirit Radio show was about the Spiritual Dimension of Women’s Health and the emotional and spiritual causes of women’s health issues.  From breast cancer to PMS, we learned why and how we denigrate our bodies to the point where our bodies manifest pain, discomfort and disease.

In a nutshell, the 3 main reasons we manifest “feminine” issues are:

  • Past relationships
  • Past lives
  • Setting ourselves aside

Every time we experienced a failed relationship, we took our mind’s perspective to analyze the relationship to death and wonder, “What did I do wrong?”  Every time we asked that question or tried to figure things out, we told ourselves that we did something wrong and our bodies become a repository for these negative thoughts.

In past lives, women who were empowered were considered a threat to the “powers that be”.  Think back to the medieval times where “witches”, essentially women who were healers, were burned at the stake. Our bodies hold this fear in our cellular memory, especially in the areas that are considered exclusively female.

Finally, in our lives, we put others ahead of ourselves.  I bet you can think of an incident today, where you set yourself aside for another.  Women are just plain overly considerate!

Today, I was parking my car and there was another car behind me looking for a spot too.  Suddenly, a space opened up right in front of me.  I took the spot, leaving the other woman with a space that was slightly more awkward to park in.

Boy, did I feel GUILTY about that.  I thought I was being rude and that I should have taken the other spot because I had the smaller car that was easier to maneuver.  It was a classic example of where I put the other person’s needs above my own. Why did I feel she deserved the better spot more than I did?  Chances are, she didn’t even think about the incident, but I SURE did.

Each time we put someone else’s needs ahead of our own (Hey Moms: how many times have you held off going to the washroom because it wasn’t convenient while you were looking after your baby or toddler?), we’re saying to ourselves that we don’t matter.

Our bodies hear these messages and they take their toll on us over time. At first, it’s just an energy disruption. Over time, the energy stops flowing as it should and if we continue to ignore this, eventually it manifests as symptoms and dis-ease in our physical bodies.

Fortunately, you can began the healing process very easily. Energy is so powerful and really wants to flow.  All you need to do is to set your mind aside (all of that analytical bullshit) for a few minutes and dive into your Dragon Spirit Space. That’s where you are most connected to your heart and soul.

Last Friday’s Dragon Spirit Radio show takes you into YOUR Dragon Spirit Space to begin the healing process.

You matter. You really do. I invite you to take the time to nurture your soul.

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