How to Create the World You Want to See with the Power of Your Soles and Soul

Discover how to improve your vision with Chinese Reflexology and the wisdom of your soles and soul.

A couple of months ago, I gave a presentation at the Energy Medicine Summit about the connection between energy and eyesight. The recording of this presentation is now available. Woohoo!

In this illuminating presentation, you’ll learn how you can change your vision by following your soul’s calling. Through the Mind Body connection, your eyesight reveals how clearly you see and recognize your brilliance.  

Find out how to:

  • Uncover energy blocks that are depleting qi from your eyes through Chinese Reflexology and the Mind Body connection
  • Get clarity on your soul’s calling with a simple 5-minute exercise that quiets the mind and puts you in touch with the wisdom of your heart and soul
  • Learn about my story: how I was diagnosed with early stage macular degeneration in my mid-thirties, and then completely healed my eyes. I’ll share the steps I took to transform my eyesight and my life so that you can too. 

This interview is part of the Energy Medicine Summit series, a free online event featuring top experts speaking on the curative and evolutionary powers of energy practices — to create vibrant health for you and your clients!. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

Energize Your Eyes and Ears

Eye health and ear-related issues are two of the most popular topics that readers ask me about. That’s why I spoke about this at the Energy Medicine summit. However, there were time limits for the presentations, so I only had a half-hour to speak. And for me, because I’m so generous with my content, 30 minutes was simply not enough.

It’s one of the reasons why as part of my annual give-back-to-readers event, I created a free course: Energize Your Eyes and Ears earlier this year.

The response was phenomenal!

The interest was so high that you guys crashed my website!!! There were so many people visiting the website that it overloaded the server. I believe we set an all-time record for the number of daily visitors to my site :).

I also received many emails after the free viewing period to watch the lessons. As a result, I’m happy to announce that the course is now available for purchase at a very affordable price.

If you suffer from eye issues such as macular degeneration, detached retina, floaters, nearsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, eye infections, styes, eye strain; or from ear-related issues like hearing loss, persistent dizziness, vertigo or tinnitus; watch Energize Your Eyes & Ears to learn how to heal hearing and eye problems naturally with Chinese Reflexology and the Mind Body connection. 

Click here to learn more and Energize Your Eyes & Ears