Q&A Monday: Meningitis and Chinese Reflexology

Q: Hi there…have tried your reflexology for migraine due to the after effects of having had meningitis…which seems to be helping. Could you recommend any treatment for raised intercranial pressure…as the only thing I am being offered is taking lots of drugs…which I really don’t like doing.

A: Thanks for your question. In a nutshell, add the brain point, but please note the following:

Chinese Reflexology is most beneficial when you practice consistently. It takes time for your body to re-balance and heal, so please keep up with regular massage IN ADDITION to the treatment prescribed by your doctor. Use the Western medicine to get through the acute phase and the reflexology to support long-term balancing.

Locating the Chinese Reflexology Point for the Brain

Chinese Reflexology brain point The brain reflexology point is located on the toe pad of your big toe. You’ve got brain reflexology points on both of your feet.

However, because energy meridians cross over at the neck, the reflexology points are reversed for any part of the body from the neck up. This means that the reflexology point for the right side of your brain is on your left toe and the point for the left side of the brain is on the right toe.

Massaging the Reflexology Point for the Brain

As with all reflexology points in Traditional Chinese Reflexology, you can use your fingers, thumbs or knuckles to massage the reflex areas on your feet.

For many people, they often have tiny microscopic grains of uric acid in and around their big toes. These grains represent energy disharmonies in your head. Hey, we’re often in our heads way too much, which is why energy can get stuck up there.

If you were to massage these grains with a reflexology stick, you’d hear a distinctly “crunchy” sound as you rubbed over them. That’s why a reflexology stick is the best tool to use to clear these energy disharmonies. The stick lets you feel each individual grain of uric acid that accumulates in your feet. However, even though you’re using your finger and thumbs, it will still help the overall balancing of energy in your head.

For the brain point, use your thumb to press and rub your toe pad in an up and down motion from the tip of the toe to just below the base of the toe pad. As you massage your toe, move across the toe pad from one side to the other. Do this for up to 1 to 2 minutes each day. Repeat for your other toe.

When you recover from this illness, I’d highly recommend learning the complete system of Chinese Reflexology. Getting meningitis is not normal for a healthy and balanced body. It’s indicative that other things have been out of harmony for a long time. The reflexology can help to restore balance so that you are on your path to wellness.

When I was really ill (before learning Chinese Reflexology), one of the weird illnesses I got was a swollen meninges. I totally can relate to the pain and suffering you have gone through. Emotionally speaking, a lot of stuck energy is in your head. What helped me was to surrender. Your body knows how to heal. Let it do its thing instead of trying to think it out.

That’s why Chinese Reflexology is so powerful. Your feet tell you what’s going on in your body rather than your head. It’s so simple, you simply can’t over-think things!

Wishing You Amazing Health and Vitality,


P.S. About 4 days after answering this question, I received the following message from the person who asked this question:

“That’s brilliant. I am really feeling the effects and getting better.”

I love it when Chinese Reflexology helps people get better!

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