How to Heal Your Sore Throat Naturally With Chinese Reflexology

Need relief from a sore throat? Get better faster by discovering the Chinese reflexology points for a sore throat and what’s really going on from an emotional and energetic perspective. Because this isn’t your typical article on natural sore throat remedies and cures, you’ll learn tools to help you heal your sore throat naturally, AND also take things to a deeper level, one where you can’t hide from the truth!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note this article was written BEFORE coronavirus. The sore throat in this article is for a sore throat that accompanies the common cold. If you have a sore throat, are feeling unwell, or suspect that you have coronavirus, please contact your doctor.


When I began writing this article, I was actually recovering from a really nasty sore throat that felt like a ring of fire. This gave me the opportunity to add to my Chinese Reflexology routine for getting over a cold fast to help with sore throat relief.

It also forced me to take stock of the energy and emotions behind a sore throat. This was the third time in a year where I’ve gotten a sore throat. My Chinese Reflexology routine to get over a cold fast works, so why didn’t I use it? Why didn’t I follow my own advice?

Clearly, there’s something going on at a much deeper level when you have the tools to thrive, but you choose not to use them. Just think of all the people who are overweight. They know to eat better and exercise, but inside, there’s something that stops them from following through.

Something inside me compelled me to push myself to the brink of catching a cold. And something stopped me from healing myself when I felt the onset of a cold. Before I get into the emotions and energetics behind why we choose to get sick, I’ll first discuss how to locate and massage the Chinese Reflexology points for sore throat relief. Then, if you’re ready and willing to delve deeper, I’ll share what’s going on at a deeper level. What’s the root cause? It’s going to feel a little uncomfortable as you’ll have to take a look at where you’ve been sweeping things under the rug.

Chinese Reflexology Points for a Sore Throat

Natural Sore Throat Relief - Reflexology point for sore throatThere are actually two Chinese Reflexology points that I use for natural sore throat relief. The first is the Throat point. It’s right at the tip of the webbing between your big toe and the second toe. Use the knuckle of your index finger to massage this point with a digging and twisting motion as if you were jiggling a stuck doorknob.

The second reflexology point for a sore throat is the Tonsil/Throat point. This is actually comprised of two points located side by side on top of the big toe, just below the toe knuckle.

Natural Sore Throat Relief - Reflexology point for sore throatTo massage these points, make a fist with your hand. Then place the knuckles of your index and middle finger on top of your big toe, just below the toe knuckle, on either side of the crest of the toe bone. Turn your wrist back and forth to press on the points with your knuckles.

Similar to how you combine vitamins to strengthen their effectiveness, massaging the Throat reflex point in combination with the Tonsil/Throat point really helps supercharge the clearing of energy in the throat, neck, and cervical (fancy way to say “neck”) lymph nodes.

How to Massage These Reflexology Points to Get Natural Relief from a Sore Throat

In my basic routine to get rid of a cold fast, I advise rubbing these points for about 30 seconds, 4 times a day. This clearly didn’t cut it when I was experiencing the ring of fire. And when you’ve reached this point, you’re also extraordinarily irritated like a wounded animal lashing out in pain.  You need relief.

Here’s what to do.  Rub each point for a count of 60 seconds.  The trick is in getting the pressure right. It needs to be hard enough that you feel it, but not so hard that you’re bruising yourself.  Then, that’s just counterproductive. There’s much less padding on the tops of your feet so you’ll want to be careful not to press too hard.

Do this every hour for about 4 to 6 hours until you start to feel some relief from your sore throat.

Healing a Sore Throat On a Deeper Level
WARNING: Don’t read any further if you’re unwilling to change!

As I mentioned above, this was the third time I had gotten a sore throat in a year.  It forced me to look inside because I hadn’t had one in years. I had to ask, “What was the pattern? What was it revealing?”

The first time I got a sore throat, I chalked it up to extenuating circumstances. I had been up past 2am two nights in a row.  I was preparing for an online class that I was teaching  and it was my biggest audience to date, with over 100 attendees signed up. Let’s chalk this up as SCARY.

The second time I got a sore throat happened when I was doing my first group channeling session. I was guiding a group of people struggling with weight loss to uncover the root cause of why they overate and why they didn’t have the motivation to exercise.  This was the first time I used my intuitive channeling skills to help a group of people with a specific health issue whereas usually I work 1-on-1 with people to help them find their life purpose. Let’s chalk this up as SCARY too.

For my most recent sore throat, I was staying up late past midnight regularly. Why didn’t I just go to bed earlier to allow my body to recharge?  Why didn’t I just rub my reflexology points when I started to feel tired and worn down?

Here’s what was going on. I had just launched my own online radio show, Dragon Spirit Radio and made a commitment to do a show twice a month. SCARY? You bet!

Notice how each time I got a sore throat, it happened at a time when I was about to speak and put myself out there in a new way.  I’m totally comfortable sitting behind a computer, typing up an article and having it read by thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people.  I’m cool with working with people 1-on-1 or teaching small groups in a classroom setting.

BUT, to put myself out there LIVE in a big way in a way that felt incredibly vulnerable scared the shit out of me.

A sore throat is like a gag reflex.  Louise Hay, author of “You Can Heal Your Life”, says that a sore throat is indicative of a fear of speaking up and that anything neck-related has its roots in resistance to change.

Some of my friends believe that in past lives, those of us who were healers were persecuted and killed (e.g. burned at the stake) for speaking up and that we carry this fear into our present lives. Thus, we hold back our voices for fear of being persecuted and killed again.

That’s a lot of stuff to ponder.  You’re basically getting a sore throat because you’re afraid to speak up. You’re holding back words. That’s a lot of stuck energy congealing in your throat and if you don’t clear it, guess what? It shows up as a sore throat where you physically lose the ability to speak.

To help you clear this energy, try some affirmations. Say (when your throat isn’t sore anymore) “I am willing to change”.  Louise Hay recommends touching your throat as you say this out loud.

What are you holding back from saying? Speak up and clear that stuck energy!


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20 thoughts on “How to Heal Your Sore Throat Naturally With Chinese Reflexology”

  1. Great article, Holly. I have been gargling with salt water since last night and just found my right big toe (tonsil & throat spots) to be the sorest of the two feet, so I will return to massaging those more often. I also love the easy Louise Hay reminder! This is what I am now more “willing to change:” I have felt afraid to “bug” people who could be helped by my Self-Healing Lifestyles work has been coming together so well. If I don’t follow up and keep the dialogue going, I can’t help people nearly as well, clearly. The Holy Days have been wonderful and an even SCARIER time to broach talking about pain and illness, sooooo, I’ve done it even less. That makes so much sense. I love the powerful, but small steps you are teaching here because they are SO do-able! And, I get more excited by doing them about how I can, now, be in the NY in helpful ways towards everyone on my calling list. (As well, I can learn and grow towards speaking up as needed in the 2013 December Holy Days…) Your help is WONDERFUL.

  2. You are so correct about the reason for the sore,because I have an ability to tell what type of spirit around them but I felt if I say something they may think I crazy.

  3. Hi Holly

    Thanks for the advice; I am desperate to get my health sorted out. I’ve got a sore throat in a very weird way. It only hurts me when I speak too much, so it may be that I talk too much rubbish or maybe I just leave the most important things unsaid… I am going to practice what I’ve learned from you, not only the reflexology part of it, but trying to embrace the change as well. The situation I’m in at my work place is a bit shaky at the moment, but hopefully it will settle down and I will learn to embrace the change. Ana

  4. Hi Holly, Thank uyou so much! I found myself saying wow! continually as I read your message. Really appreciate the excelent info. No reply needed. Have a grat holiday and lots of success with all your projects.

  5. Hi, Holly, the part about that you get sore throat because you repress your energy to speak up really left an impression on me. I am a person who simply doesn’t focus on words and loud speaking for means of sensing the world and showing myself to the world, I personally believe that there is so much more that we can sense in so many different ways. I love words, I love poetry, I love discussions, I love academia, but I still feel like it will never become my main medium of communication. And right now, that I have a sore throat – well, it is about my relationship. I’ve been apart with my partner for months now that I’m in Japan and he’s coming in a week. I’m really scared to be pushed into explaining all my feelings, thoughts, everything, but I don’t want to hurt my love. He’s more focused on words and explanations than I am, so that’s why I feel the pressure already. At the same time I already want to tell my partner sooooo much, there’s a million things to say, to talk about, but I’m just waiting until he comes because otherwise it would create unnecessary insecurity because of the distance and the impossibility to talk face-to-face. And since it is someone who I’m so close to, it’s not easy to use words in a light way, in a way that will not be noticed as much.. So what I just read in your article, felt actually very very cool because it was an explanation that was really satisfying and felt right.

    1. I’m happy to hear the article resonated with you :). Thank you for sharing and speaking up. You’ll find the right words and I’m sure your partner will appreciate what you have to say.

  6. What a great article at the perfect time. I performed five times last week and on the last event my voice was nearly gone. Thank you for showing me how I can recover over Christmas! Fantastic article on how to recover from sore throat and throat chakra issues!

  7. Where is the form to complete to get the reflexology charts and your news letter. The information you present here is awesome and works. I’d like to learn more. I look forward to your book coming out this summer. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Chinese Reflexology. I’m glad you’re finding the information on my site useful. You can find a link on the menu bar to “Reflexology Charts” or go to the home page and there’s a big sign-up box right at the top.

  8. Regina Carpenter

    This is extremely helpful. Thank you for this article. My twins, who were born at 27 wks and 3 days, are currently in the NICU and I don’t want to return to work. I’m having an issue speaking up and letting my boss know from fear of losing my job. Even though, I know I can apply for certain things that would hold my job. My problem is I always have a problem saying something out of fear of letting someone down, even when I know it will be better for me. I also have noticed I always lose my voice right before a main vocal competition. The qualifying and semis I do fine, it’s always the finals I find myself with a scratchy throat. I do believe that persecution in previous lives of healers does keep people from expressing themselves. I have been told I should look for into myself and find the healing qualities I exhibit, I was told I am too afraid. Anyway, sorry for the long explanation. Thank you again for the article.

    1. You’re welcome. You are finding your voice :). Just by sharing your story here, you are healing yourself! Good for you! You are very brave 🙂

  9. Holly. I’m so happy to find you. I recently started my bodywork healing practice in Sweden and feel very “at home” with facilitating my clients’ balanced health. I’ve worked many years as a psychotherapist and work with deeper spiritual levels. I feel a deeper communication occurring with bodywork. Recently, a shift in my workplace gave me the push to expand my practice with more autonomy. SCary! I’m glad you brought up the underlying causal feeling of “scary”.
    I mostly function intuitively. Yet I need structure an organization in order to feel free. Establishing my independent practice (which will be in 2 cities now) and coordinating scheduling, bookkeeping etc feels scary. I have written books and articles but put writing on pause for 2 years to do academic research and papers (in work life science). Writing is another key form of expression for me.
    I too hardly get sick and was asking my guides for help to get insights for why I’m getting a sore throat and body aches now. I stumbled across your website (more accurately was directly guided to you). This blog brought clarity. I cry with gratitude.
    I hope to learn more from you. I’m a constant learner and apply new knowledge to my practice ongoingly. Last Wednesday I treated 6 women at least 3 had major diagnosis – cancers and MS. I use reflexology intuitively along with many other bodywork methods. The last patient last Friday wanted me to just work on her pain in her back (coming from her stomach that she would not allow me to touch). I convinced her to let me massage her feet. She was amazed at the relief she got and left the session in a blissful state. (P.S. She has been operated on for removing cancers and going for a new operation soon) I look forward to learning more from you. So please let me know of your trainings.

  10. No wonder I haven’t been effective. I thought the points were on the bottom of the big toe where it connects with the foot. I tried these points and instantly felt the tenderness.

  11. I stumbled on your column looking for something else, and had to say I really love your open, personable, to the point style of communication and will be reading more in the future! Blessings for all your upcoming endeavors of expansion.

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