I’m a Healer: Now, Why Is That So Hard to Say?

I’ve been posting a lot of INFORMATION these past few months. Some of it has been rather serious and some of it has been more on the cheeky side like the What Colour Is Your Snot? infographic.

Curiously, there’s one thing that’s been missing…

Me, and also what this picture says…
When I started this blog, I wove in stories about myself and my family, and even my cat. It was fun, taught concepts through examples and injected humour and personality into my articles (or at least, I like to believe they did!).

Then, I got caught up in the gauntlet of sharing as much information as possible. How much could I cram in a 1,000 word article?

When I write, I come up with an outline of what I want to share. Then, I go through the outline and fill it in one item at a time. My last step is to ruthlessly edit what I wrote. I trim the fat until I feel the article is succinct.

I think I might have went overboard with the editing. I cut out swaths of words where I was musing or sharing a personal anecdote. I edited out myself.

When I reread some of my earlier posts, they’re quite fun and charming, yet they still teach. I don’t know how it happened, but it seems like I got so focused on teaching, that I forgot to have fun and stopped including amusing little metaphors and playing with words as much as I used to.

This weekend, I’ve been attending a Writer’s Workshop held by Hay House Publishing. It’s been a long time dream of mine get a book published with Hay House. I love Louise Hay and her books. They’ve made a tremendous impact in my life and my own personal journey from sickness and pain to balance and vitality.

In the workshop, Doreen Virtue, one of Hay House’s top-selling authors, spoke about writing from the heart and being vulnerable. Every so often I do that (like about once every 1.5 years) and small snippets of vulnerability splat into my articles like lucky bird poo (btw, it’s supposed to be good luck to have a bird poop on you).

But, I’ve been writing a lot from my head. Actually, it feels like too much. I’ll let you in on a secret.

In January, I made the What Colour Is Your Snot? infographic because I simply didn’t feel like writing. The thought of writing another article made me want to go to Hulu.com and watch reality TV cooking shows. And, that’s precisely what I did.

Thanks to attending the Writer’s Workshop this weekend and hearing Doreen Virtue speak, I now know why. I wasn’t writing with passion or allowing my heart to shine through. It was almost as if I was hiding behind a facade of information rather than stepping up and really truly putting myself out there.

By me, I mean the real me. Not just Holly, the serious one, but Holly, all sides of me, including the goofy side that mimics my husband’s dance moves or calls out bingo numbers on a lottery scratcher in muppet voices.

And that’s the secret to how YOU heal. I’m a healer. You’re a healer. We’re all healers. Step up and be who you really are (all of you) and your body absolutely will return to balance.

Lots of Love and Light to You and Your Loved Ones,


P.S. Now, that was fun to write. And, I snuck in a metaphor about bird poo too. I must be getting my mojo back 🙂

3 thoughts on “I’m a Healer: Now, Why Is That So Hard to Say?”

  1. I think you are an excellent writer I hardly ever subscribe or get involved in these computer sights, I`ll read them and go on but you kept me here, you should always include your cute, funny and captavating humor, I hate trying to stay focest reading something I know im interested in but it get`s so boring I quit or come back later, but you have kept my attention and have me completely interested and following your web page so please do what you do best, just be you and do what feels right to you not some one else and don`t leave me now lol, thanks. Bob Felton p.s. my spelling is bad as a writer you must hate that ? Sorry

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