If Trees Could Talk, What Would They Say?
The Answer Might Surprise You

Have you ever wondered if plants communicate? Do they think? Do they feel? What if they could communicate with us? What would they share? The answer might surprise you and it certainly will delight you.

I was reading an article on NPR on how plants communicate and it got me thinking about plants and trees.

I’ve always had a connection with plants and nature. It used to translate into a green thumb. I could look at a plant and know whether it was thriving and if it wasn’t, I knew what it needed. I knew if it needed more sunshine, more water, whether it was too hot, too cold, too dry or just right.

When I rode a bicycle across Canada without really knowing how to ride a bike, I would ask the forest surrounding me to give me energy to ride up that mountain and it did.

I lost that connection when I pushed myself into working in the high tech industry. I lost my green thumb. My plants wilted and died. It was almost like a metaphor for my soul. Oooh, so melodramatic!

When I made a conscious choice to follow my heart, my connection with nature reawakened and I realized it had never really gone away. The day before writing this article, I was walking through a park when I felt this incredible sense of joy and well-being.

It was like my frequency was high enough that I could hear the messages from the planet and the plants around me. And they had so much to share! This is what they wanted me to share with you:

Trees and plants have consciousness. It’s different than ours, but they feel JOY when humans connect with them and acknowledge them. It’s like how we feel joy when we walk through nature because we are feeling their acknowledgement of us. We may not be conscious of it, but our hearts feel joy from this connection.

When you realize this, you see that you are surrounded by SO MUCH ABUNDANCE. The plants and tress are a conduit for the love energy of the Universe and when you receive this energy, you are welcoming abundance into your life—abundance of money, abundance of love and abundant healing energy to bring your body into balance.

Pretty amazing message! So, maybe money really does grow on trees! LOL!

If you’re going to do one thing for yourself today, go take a walk in nature. Really pay attention to the trees, plants, flowers and grass. Tune in with the core of your being, not your eyes or your ears. Sometimes using your nose to smell is a good way to connect because we often overlook this sense, so paying attention to it diverts our conscious minds enough that we can FEEL our connection with Mother Nature.

When you start to feel this connection, you will realize just how much abundance is around you because the trees are sending waves and waves of it to us all the time. We just don’t notice, but when you start paying attention, you feel it and you’re in the practice of receiving it. Abundance doesn’t pick and choose the form it comes to you. Receive it one way and all the other forms will come to you.

The other benefit of spending time in nature is that the earth energy is a natural tuning fork for raising your body’s vibration. Stress and day-to-day living lowers our vibration, making us more susceptible to negative emotions, energy blocks and stressful situations. This in turn leads to more stress and disruptions to the flow of life force energy in our bodies.

Over time, this lower vibration can affect our physical health. That’s why spending time in nature is so important. It helps you naturally recalibrate to the frequency of wellness.

So what are you waiting for? Go hug a tree!

10 thoughts on “If Trees Could Talk, What Would They Say? <BR>The Answer Might Surprise You”

  1. So true! I love what the trees told you. I am also a Lorax – I speak to the trees! They are so bountiful to us mortals! Thanks for a great article!

  2. What a beautiful story. My grandma used to tell me, talk to the trees, they will tell you a lot. We used to sit outside at the base of the big trees in our yard. We would sit and listen to the quiet tones of the trees. It’s amazing the insight one gets from being silent in the forest.

    1. What a beautiful story about you and your grandma sitting listening under the trees and listening 🙂

  3. Holly, that feeling in the park, in the woods, by a stream or the ocean – it is so inspiring to feel that connection. You have expressed the feeling so well here. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this. I have only recently began to reflect more deeply on how Trees like to communicate also, and how, when i stand in my back garden, and the breeze moves their branches, their energy is beckoning me out of my conscious thinking mind, and into their marvelous fresh world. This is something i wish to appreciate on a much deeper level than i am at present.

  5. I too have felt the joy of walking in nature, back when I lived on the east side of the US, where there were forests and park trails in the woods. Now that I live in the desert, I am not feeling it so much. Between the heat and the prickly nature of the plants, I can’t hug the trees anymore. Any suggestions for getting my mind to open to the desert joys?

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