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If you’re new to Chinese Reflexology, you may be wondering exactly how does Qi (energy) work to heal your body and more importantly, does it really work?

I know I felt that way when I was first introduced to Chinese Reflexology. I remember when my husband suggested it to me, I wrinkled up my nose and asked, “Reflexology? Isn’t that where they rub your feet? How can that help me?” It was especially ironic since I was really into alternative healing and had tried all sorts of things like naturopathy, craniosacral, Reiki, Shiatsu, acupuncture, etc.

Obviously, I became a believer!!! 🙂

Photo credit: Cristian RubertiSo, if you’re looking for some inspiration to lift your spirits, I’ve gathered together a collection of stories from readers and clients on how reflexology made a difference in their lives. Enjoy!

These stories inspire me too! As a full-time mom, there are days where after my son has gone to bed, I just want to curl up in bed and do absolutely nothing (or read some trashy paranormal romance novel).

On those days, I re-read these wonderful and amazing words of appreciation and my mood brightens, my energy lifts and I feel inspired to write another article or plan another workshop. Thank you.

Without further adieu, here are the inspiring stories…

“I came to Holly during a crisis moment in my life: my dad was hospitalized and within days he went from a healthy glowing person, to not being able to walk, eat, breath, or do much of anything on his own due to a severe case of pancreatitis and a botched gall bladder surgery.

When he was moved to the ICU, we were terrified for his life and for his vital organs. After many days in the hospital, my dad started losing function of his vital organs. My dad unable to urinate, and we were terrified that he’d lose kidney function and be put on dialysis.

So, I called on Holly to help save my dad’s life. Holly listened to my dad’s situation, both as a reflexologist and as an intuitive practitioner, to see how to best address his issues. Holly helped me unblock energies stuck in his organs. I worked reflexology points to stimulate his kidneys, bladder, pancreas, and clear lymph.

I used the kidney points daily, and we experienced incredible results. Slowly, my dad was able to urinate again, and his kidneys tested to be stronger than the doctor’s had assessed!

By massaging his feet daily, it seems that we have brought my dad back to life. He himself now agrees that if it weren’t for the foot massage and Holly’s advice, that he might not be alive today.

The bounce back time took patience, but my dad is now acting like himself again, is back walking, and he is heading to a rehab facility on Saturday!” – Amanda Noelle


“My cold was completely gone within two and half days. The other people in my office that had the cold were sick for 7-10 days” – Julie


I suffer with migraine headache for quite a while now last I found you website on foot reflexology. Honestly at first I was sure if I’m doing it correctly. But for the first time in my life I woke in the morning with no headache. – Belinda


“Thank you so much for sharing, I suffer from seasonal allergies for 7 years already. For the entire 2 months, I massage these area on a daily basis, and I feel I am full with energy now because I can actually sleep at night without waking up every 2 hours, not to mention that the allergy symptoms have gone away. Life is beautiful with a healthy body!” – Sophie


Thanks to your lessons the kidney infection cleared up just before the Holidays. I am forever grateful that I happened upon your site (not even sure how it happened – I was panicked and searching for anything I could find on the Internet and all that I found seemed to cause even more panic until I found your story and your lessons and was finally able to calm myself and begin to heal.” – Lisa


“Thank you so much for the presentation. I suffer from sinuses and right now because we are in the dead of winter and have the heat on constantly, our home is very dry. for the last few days, I have woke with with very dry throat, mucous in my nose and throat…I sound like a smoker hacking up stuff in the morning. disgusting!

Anyway, I just now had time to sit down and watch the presentation and can tell you that i feel different, clearer, since doing the routine on my feet. my neck has been stiff and I feel it much looser now, my nose feels clear and my lungs more open. Since i’m going to bed now, i’ll do it again in the morning and hopefully the good results will continue.” – Marilyn


“Your advice helped my sinus infection leave in 48 hours!!” – Johanna


“I had been practicing it on myself and my 3 boys since end of fall season. The feet pics and instructions are clear and easy to follow. What could I say? They worked and very effective in preventing the cold cycle becoming full blown. – Phay


“I want to thank you, I had a problem in my hand that wasn’t healing since a week, after using the info u provided and applying it it started healing. I look forward to learn more from you. wish you a happy day, cheers :).”


“Greetings from your Northern neighbours!

I have my first level of Reiki and I have been using self-taught reflexology on my children and my husband for about 10 years.

My son’s allergies are going wild right now. Spring in Canada, and I stumbled across your site.
Thank you! I used the allergy sequence, but on his hands, as it was more comfortable for him. He is finally sleeping soundly.” – Tracey


“I started the techniques last night, did a round this morning as I woke up to try to nip a cold that’s just starting. I feel energized even right after massaging the specific points on the feet. Thanks again!”


“My son had a terrible sore throat and stuffy nose Thursday. We were leaving Saturday for a week-long road trip. I bought Holly’s Self-Study Guide on Cold Recovery and Prevention, and massaged his feet. My son said he could actually FEEL his throat getting less sore and his nose started clearing up. He’s feeling better…..WooHoo! It works!” – Marielle


“Holly, your pink eye reflexology totally worked (gone the next day). Took 3×5 minute treatments and my eye was back to white the next day. I’m a firm believer that your mind can heal your body. Natural and eastern medicine has many more benefits and little to no side effects, especially when compared with medical doctors and drugs.” – Nuno


“My daughter is 10, suffering from headaches almost on a daily basis. As a mother, you can probably understand how stressful it is for both me and her. Watching your child suffer is not easy…

Anyway, I tried the reflexology points that you have suggested with color therapy and…it really works! This is the fist weekend my daughter was pain free! I also use some pressure points on the hands (namely: fingers) and hope this combination will resolve the problem. Again, thank you so much!” – Shira


“I had bad migraine for three days and I just chanced upon your article, which I read and used the technique and voila! it disappeared.” – Vidya


“Never done reflexology or anything like that before. Closest I’ve come is the Chiro or Chinese massage in the shopping centre. My husband tried the middle of the big toe trick for an AWFUL migraine yesterday, and to our surprise it worked! Thank you for sharing.” – Emily


“Thank you for a wonderful article – so clear and easy. It removed my headache right away! I also passed it along to a friend.” – Reiko


“Hi, Yr massage treatment for knee pain works! Thanks so much, awesome, awesome!! I been having this right knee pain for at least 5 yrs or more. Everytime, when I bend or squat, I’ll feel a sharp pain on the inner side of my right knee. I hv applied ointment or self massage on my knee, but the pain just couldn’t go away.

Happened to chance upon yr website, followed yr technique, n lol, it works, within a few minutes. I bend or squat, lo n behold, no pain, gd as normal. From now on, I massage my foot as long as I can, each time, the result is positive, no pain.. even when I squat and move around… So grateful to you for sharing this info… A BIG THANK YOU” – Godyk


“I love the powerful, but small steps you are teaching here because they are SO do-able! Your help is WONDERFUL. I love your writing, with its honesty and valuable sharing.” – Monica


“Thx Holly. Have been working the points on wife’s feet for hypertension kid/liver with apple cider vinegar and has dropped noticeably. – DF


“Thank you so much for taking the time to create this blog and write posts! You have completely inspired me to improve my 3.5 nearsightedness. Being Chinese myself, I have always believed in the powers natural Chinese healing has. Blessings!” – Lana


“And thanks to your blog, even though I do not have high blood pressure, I healed my depression! And I healed my knees well. Thanks for this blog!” – Kamontae


“Holly, thank you very much, you are very kind. And you truly helped me more than doctors. You made my day and now I am starting a new episode of my life.” – Pinar


“You are like a Knight in shining armor, and God bless your soul, for wanting to help as you do!” – Roberta


“Hi Holly. I did this reflexology for about 5-6 months before my mammo and all clear. Normally I have biopsies once a year for the past 4 years! Woot, woot! Thank you!” – Tiffany


“Thank you so much for sharing the precious knowledge of Chinese foot reflexology! You have greatly helped improved the lives of me and I’m sure many others as well. I have been reading your blog for over a year now. I first discovered it around Christmas time last year as I was hoping to get rid of a cold and I found one of your articles. I feel like it is truly fate that I did.

Your benevolent articles have encouraged me on the journey of self-improvement. I am greatly excited for the new year as one of my main resolutions is to improve my eyesight. Thanks again and I am looking forward to your many future articles!!” – Elaine


“Just want you to know that you’ve been such a blessing in my life! You know, I did the seminar almost 2 weeks ago, and am almost like a brand new person in less than 2 weeks, and was so much better even the 1st day. You are a wonderful Teacher and I love the things that you have taught me.” – Barbara (regarding allergies)


“Now I’m back to when I was 19. It’s incredible, I thank you.” – Katrina (regarding eyesight improvement)


“I had 2 nights of being woken up with my daughters post nasal drip cough. The 3rd night I got your email about lingering cough & post nasal drip. I did it on my 4 year old & no more coughing fits during the night. So impressed!”


13 thoughts on “Success Stories”

  1. I just wanted to take an opportunity to say thank you Holly!
    Last year I suffered with the worst seasonal allergy symptoms I have ever experienced.
    I was on 3 different types of medications, most days having to take them multiple times a day.

    When I was searching for alternative therapy and ended up on your site with an easy to understand chart on how to combat seasonal allergies – needless to say, I was very excited to try it out.
    I started a few weeks before my allergies usually kick in and am happy to say, I was in perfect health ever since.

    The information you provided saved me money and most importantly, I was able to ditch the meds and as a result my mind has been clearer.
    This July (when I usually am done with seasonal allergies) and weeks after I had stopped my nightly reflexology for allergies, I got an allergic reaction, I messaged the points on my foot and within minutes my sinuses were clear again.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

    1. Awesome to hear! You’re very welcome. Also, if you haven’t yet seen my Allergy Guide, I’d recommend checking it out. The points in the article were mainly for symptom relief.

      The points in the guide help to address the root cause of the energy imbalances that cause allergies. Practicing these points can help strengthen your body so that you can be completely free from seasonal allergies.

  2. Dear Holly, I realize that you can’t reply to individual emails any more (you have too many followers!) but I just wanted to tell you that having just started in your Reflexology lessons, I was really impressed by your explicit and comprehensive descriptions and even your voice in Lesson 2 (!)- you seem to me a very capable teacher. I’ve been interested in Reflexology on and off, but your passion certainly makes to become much more committed to it, since I clearly see the value of it now – thanks to you.

  3. Thank you Holly!

    My husband has been struggly with chronic for 7 years. For over a year he was too sick to work and needed to go on disability. Thanks to multiple medicines he has been able to work again but with severe pain and serious side effects of his more then dozen pills he takes a day.

    One day he was home sick from work and in too much pain to even get out of bed. I decided to rub his feet and stumbled on your cite with directions on where to rub specifically and how. It cut his pain in more then half! For the last 3 weeks I have been using reflexology specifically for migraine and it has been his best 3 weeks in the last 7 years.

    I also just started watching your video for headache\migraine. Thank you so much it is such a blessing!

    Do you have any advise on how frequently to use reflexology for someone with chronic migraine? Daily? Multiple times a day?

    Thanks so much, it’s so good to see him smile again,


    1. Hi Jessica,

      I’m so happy for you and your husband. It makes me smile to hear that he is smiling again. It is very hard to watch a loved one suffering for so long. You are an amazing wife, and it is awesome that you are rubbing his feet. Please also remember to rub your own, and look after yourself too.

      In lesson 3, I’ll discuss more about how to use the headache and migraine points long-term. However, it sounds like your husband’s body has been out of balance for a long time. Chinese Reflexology can help to restore balance and support the body’s natural healing process so that your husband continues to improve. I would highly recommend that you consider learning more points because the body’s organs and energy meridians are all interconnected. When you massage multiple points together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and it helps the body heal as a whole. I’ll be sharing more ways to learn more about Chinese Reflexology in Lesson 3 too.

  4. Hello Holly,
    I’m enjoying my first visit to your website, but I cannot find anyplace to sign up for your newsletter. Please tell me how.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying my site. If you go to the homepage, there is a sign-up box right next to my photo. If it’s not showing up, there may be a weird tech glitch going on. If that’s the case, try reloading the page. Thanks for your interest in Chinese Reflexology!

  5. Hi Holly,
    In reading your book, I did not see anything on arthritis. Did I overlook a page?

    Can you recommend pressure points for arthritis, especially foot arthritis?

    Dave Faries

    1. Thank you for your interest in Chinese Reflexology and for reading my book. Nope, you did not overlook a page. Chinese Reflexology is about addressing the underlying disharmonies that lead to symptoms in the body that modern medicine refers to a disease (e.g. arthritis). Every disease has its roots in imbalances in the body’s energy meridians, which are different in each person. The two core routines in the book lead the way to address these imbalances, which supports the body’s natural healing process. When the body is in balance, symptoms (aka disease) alleviate.

  6. Hi Holly

    Thank you for writing your book. My story is “longish” but one thing is for sure ,I am
    62 years old and continue to try very hard ,using my life long competitive spirit, to return to 100 % wellness. You make me laugh every time I pick up your book and read some more. Thank you!! As I am sure you have heard from others. when first choosing to read your
    book I was and am not in a “laughing ” mood. Truth is , as you make me realize., is that
    I can turn my mood int laughter with a thought !! That bit of sage advice is priceless!!
    I live in New York , but I wish I could visit you just to give you a” big thank you hug” for giving me the precious gift of a smile! I look forward to receiving your newsletters and any visual lessons . Most importantly, I was wondering if you have a reference list of New York practitioners who follow your methods of practice and thought ? I do need and find I respond better when I have that person to person contact. Thanks so much . A Grateful Reader, Mary Daly

  7. Dear Holly, I am totally enjoying your book and free courses. I have Lyme (like Paul!) and I am finding tremendous fulfillment and health miracles in reflex.

    I have been looking for a reflexology aid for hearing loss. My mom has this bad — and I fear that hearing aids will not help her. Maybe reflexology instead?

    I did not see an article about hearing loss on your website.

    Thanks already!

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