How to Reverse Age-Related Vision Problems and Start Seeing Clearly Again

Finally, here’s my promised article on how to use Chinese Reflexology to reverse age-related vision problems and start seeing clearly again. While I can’t promise 20/20 vision, I can promise that if you invest 8 minutes to read this article while being fully present, you will begin to shift the energy that holds you in a perspective of not being able to see clearly. And as you shift things from an energy perspective, you open up the possibility of physical healing.

This is my story on how I used Chinese Reflexology to reverse early stage macular degeneration, heal my eyes and improve my vision.

Let’s begin with the initial diagnosis…

I had begun experiencing problems with my vision, strange attacks where I would suddenly be unable to see.  They would come on suddenly and it would be like a camera flash going off in my eyes. Normally, you can blink and the sensation of flashing lights dissipates. However, for me, the lights kept on flashing. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t focus and when I closed my eyes, the disorienting light show would continue.

These attacks would last for 20 to 30 minutes and afterwards, I’d be exhausted. They were increasing in frequency and intensity. I’d be at work, staring at the computer monitor when the words on the screen started dancing. Then BAM! Everything would start flashing and go out of focus. It was really scary.

I booked an appointment with my optometrist. When I described my symptoms, Dr. W told me that I was experiencing ocular migraines. There was no known cure and no one knew what caused them other than there were certain triggers. The triggers included bright lights, fluorescent lighting, sunlight and computer screens, all of which were very prominent in my life.

While I was in his office, Dr. W examined my eyes very carefully. During the exam, he told me that he saw signs of early stage macular degeneration. He explained that people with age-related macular degeneration lost their center field of vision over time.

Fortunately, I was too stupid (or smart, depending on your perspective) to pay much attention to his diagnosis. I was still quite shaken by being told that there was nothing that could be done for my ocular migraines and I simply couldn’t take in any more information.  However, there was something else going on, something that I believe saved my eyesight. It was my inner voice.

Despite hearing Dr. W’s grim prognosis, I shrugged it off because I thought to myself, “Yeah whatever, I can fix that.”

To this day, I am so glad that I listened to my inner voice, even if it was so dismissive and flippant. Had I followed the energy of Dr. W’s diagnosis, I would have learned that age-related macular degeneration is a degenerative eye disease usually seen in people much older than I was at the time. Had I known that I was 30 years “ahead” of the curve in vision deterioration, I would have completely freaked out.

I would have also learned that macular degeneration is considered irreversible by the medical experts. I would have learned that the best I could hope for was to slow down the deterioration of my vision. Fear would have blinded me to a cure.

Thankfully, I was blissfully unaware of all of this.

Fast forward several years and my life was completely different. I had walked away from a decade long career that I wasn’t passionate about and I finally gave myself permission to do what I wanted to in life. I had always compromised in terms of work and school. Now, I was free.

I also gave birth to an amazing baby boy who challenged me to shift my way of seeing things. I stopped worrying so much about the future and was forced to bring my attention to the present moment. My son taught me that my preoccupation with the future, multitasking and getting one more thing done, was really causing me to miss the joy of the moment.

When my son was several months old, I booked an eye appointment to replace my worn and scratched 5-year old glasses.  I hadn’t seen Dr. W in years and scheduled an appointment for a couple of months later.

My Chinese Reflexology teacher, a wise and gifted Sifu, once told me that if I wanted to get rid of my glasses, I needed to rub my Chinese Reflexology eye points for 10 minutes a day for two years. Of course, I had never done that. While I had been practicing Chinese Reflexology for years, I didn’t spend much time massaging my eye points because they hurt like hell.

However with an appointment scheduled for several weeks later, I decided to begin intensely massaging the reflexology points for eyes.  Every day, while I was sitting on the floor playing with my baby son, I rubbed the reflexology eye points. Sometimes I’d use a reflexology stick and other times I’d press with my thumbs. I massaged every nook and cranny for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day.

When I first started to massage the eye reflexology points, they were excruciatingly painful. It felt like I was pressing razor blades into my toes as I massaged them.  Some days, I also felt sluggish and irritable because there was so much stuck energy and toxins held in my eyes. The massage was causing the energy to move and the toxins were being released into my body.

I kept this practice up every day and was gentler on days where my body felt like it needed a breather to process the toxins.  And slowly, very slowly, I noticed that the hardness in my toes began to soften and loosen. As the pain lessened, I started to feel more sensitivity in my toes. It was as if there were callouses made of stone under the skin and now that they were breaking up, I could once again feel my toes.

Finally, it was time to see the optometrist. Here’s what happened…

While Dr. W had all sorts of high tech equipment, he ironically used old-fashioned pen and paper to take notes on his patients. As he pulled out my file, I saw my entire history was scribbled in a haphazard chicken scratch on a large index card with some coloured papers stapled to the back.

Dr. W ran me through the standard tests and then gave me my prescription and pronounced, “Everything looks good here.”

To my chagrin, my myopia prescription had not budged at all. However, I remembered his previous diagnosis of early stage macular degeneration and wondered why he didn’t mention it.  I glanced over at his chicken scratch notes, and pondered, “Should I say something?”

And once again, my inner wisdom prevailed. It was like my body froze and wouldn’t let me mouth the words.  I simply knew that if I brought it up, Dr. W would re-examine my eyes and do his best to find the macular degeneration.

I knew he couldn’t allow the contradiction to exist. Even if my eyes were perfectly fine, he would proclaim that there was deterioration. I believe that Dr. W would have felt that his professional credibility was being challenged because reversing macular degeneration was not possible within his realm of belief. His only two choices were to:

  1. Say he misdiagnosed me previously (imagine loud buzzer sound here, Eiiiinnnn! That ain’t happening)
  2. Or to tell me I had a problem

Wisely, I kept my mouth shut.  But inside, I marvelled that the Chinese Reflexology had worked its magic—that all those weeks of excruciatingly painful massage had healed my vision.

I pondered this for many years and I must admit that there was still a 0.00001% part of myself that wondered if I still had macular degeneration. I didn’t to go back to Dr. W, but I did want to know. So, if you’ve read all my previous articles on vision improvement, you would know that I found an eye doctor who supported me in improving my vision.

Dr. B was kind, supportive, encouraging and when he checked my eyes after I had come up with my own journey to improve my nearsightedness, he found my eyesight had improved. I didn’t need as strong a prescription. Woohoo!

I trusted Dr. B. After he checked my eyes and proclaimed that my eyes were healthy, I told him about Dr. W’s diagnosis of early stage macular degeneration and asked if he could doublecheck my eyes.

Dr. B was happy to do so. He carefully examined my eyes and pronounced, “There is no sign of macular degeneration. Your eyes are very healthy.”


So how can you improve your vision? How can you reverse age-related vision problems? In a nutshell, it’s both simple and complicated. You just need the right physical stimuli AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, the mental, emotional and spiritual shifts to heal your vision. If I can do it, anyone can.

When you shift the energy, you manifest in physical reality.

Chinese Reflexology Points for the Eyes

Locating the Eye Points

There are eye reflexology points located on both of your feet. They’re on the undersides of the feet, beneath the second and third toes. Think of it as a U-shaped area below your toe pads.

Interestingly (and confusingly) the energy meridians in your body cross over each other at your neck. Thus, the reflexology point for your LEFT eye is on your RIGHT foot.  And conversely, the point for your right eye is on your left foot.

Massaging the Eye Points


A reflexology stick enabled me to feel microscopic points of sensitivity on my toes and it also let me strongly massage areas that felt like peppercorn-sized rocks along the edges of my toes. It was excruciating, but very efficient in terms of clearing decades of blocked energy.

I recommend that people NOT use reflexology sticks unless they’ve been trained in how to use them properly. However, you can press and massage your eye reflexology points with your thumbs to clear stuck Qi.

Press and rub the U-shaped area on both feet in an up and down motion. Go slowly, press deeply especially on areas that feel hard to the touch and/or are excruciatingly sensitive. Massage with the intention of softening these areas.

I’d recommend starting out with 15 to 30 seconds at a time (per foot), a few times a day for a maximum of 1 minute a day.  Then, rest a day or two and notice how your body feels. If you’re generally healthy and exercise regularly, most likely your body can handle the added load of toxins being released. These toxins have been “stuck” in your eyes for years, maybe even decades. When they start to shift, it’s going to feel like how you might feel after a deep tissue massage, where you feel really tired and a bit under the weather.

If after a day or two, you feel fine, continue, gradually increasing your pressure, duration and frequency up to a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes per day in total (that’s 2.5 to 5 mins per foot).

If you would rank your health and fitness as less than 100%, your body may not be as efficient in clearing toxins. Go gently. Go slowly and only do as much as you feel your body can handle.  Your body will tell you.  You’ll feel tired or under the weather if you try to do too much massage at once.

Don’t try to rush through and do as much massage as you can thinking that the more you do, the more you’ll improve.  That’s part of the reason you’ve got vision problems in the first place! LOL!  Trust that a little each day will over time, result in a clearing of the energy.

Important Points

  1. Drink LOTS of water to flush toxins out of your system after you massage your eye reflexology points.
  2. Eat well, like a healthy spa diet. No alcohol, junk food, processed sugar or heavy fatty meats/meals.
  3. If you need help clearing toxins, massage the Kidney reflexology points before you massage the eye reflexology points.
  4. Practicing reflexology is not advised if you are pregnant or have an acute heart condition. If you’re not sure whether it is safe for you to massage your feet, consult with your medical doctor first.
  5. Please note that massaging ONLY your eye points will not reverse the underlying imbalances (from a Chinese Medicine perspective) that are at the root of macular degeneration. This is a complex condition that involves yin and yang imbalances in the body that have been ongoing for years. My best recommendation is to work on bringing your whole body back into balance by learning the complete system of Chinese Reflexology.

Changing Your Life to See Clearly Again

If improving your eyesight really was as simple as just rubbing your feet, a whole lot of people would be doing it and casting away their bifocals and contact lenses for good.  So, why is this not happening?

Well, I’ve discovered the real secret to seeing clearly is not just in the physical body. It’s an emotional and spiritual journey too. The reason why you have vision problems today is because there is something that you don’t want to see in your life, either in the present or the past.

For me, when I had ocular migraines and macular degeneration, I didn’t want to see the life path I had chosen for myself. I didn’t want to see that I was not doing what I was meant to do. I didn’t want to see how small and limited my life had become.

I thrived on adventure, but most of my hours were spent in an office cubicle. I was making a lot of money, but it didn’t satisfy my soul. I literally could not stand to see what was right before my eyes. I could not look at the computer screen and say my heart was filled with joy. It was filled with sorrow, unrealized potential, boredom, resentment and anger.

When I began to shift and make changes to really see my life, to be seen as who I really am (not a facade that I presented at work), but to be open and vulnerable, that is when I began to see clearly again. In order to improve my vision, I had to change my life.

It’s a journey that is scary and sometimes difficult to choose, but I promise it’s one that is immensely satisfying and the rewards are more than you could ever imagine. This is not about ditching your glasses, it’s about being seen and appreciated for who you really are, by YOU.

My next article will go much more in depth into the spiritual and emotional issues related to age-related vision problems, nearsightedness, farsightedness and any general eye condition that limits our ability to see.

I invite you to walk this journey with me. If you haven’t yet joined my mailing list, please sign up below to receive my free monthly Amazing Feet newsletter. You’ll get notified of new articles as they’re posted and also receive complimentary lessons on Chinese Reflexology. Until I write again, adieu!


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  1. I like your website and thank for the information. I don’t sleep well at night, tossing all night. What points should I press?

  2. Thank you so much for this information. I have worn glasses for over 40 years and recently, as I began to move toward my soul purpose. This is so timely.

  3. This is so informative and definitely helpful. The last part is the best though! Keep it up. I can’t wait to try this out. I’ve been wearing eyeglasses for almost 9yrs now and looking forward to put it aside 😀

  4. Thank you for your beautiful, bright, sharing, caring spirit. I’ve learned so much from the foot reflexology. And, I will massage my eye points more frequently. It always feels so good.
    I recently had a prescription change for the better~~ May all eyes be blessed with healthy Qi flow.
    Best always, Jacki

  5. Samantha Aamin

    Hi my optometrist just told me I have an eye condition called pterydium. I’m 42 years wear spectacles. My former reflexologist retired & I haven’t practised it for years. I need to do it myself if I want start again.

  6. I came across your website while searching online for fresh ideas on natural vision improvement. Was so excited to read your references to Abraham-Hicks! I am very interested in the mind/body/soul connection to improved vision and am wondering: do the reflexology points for the eyes as shown in your diagrams affect the “physical” aspect of vision only? i.e. Like you, I now realize I have a lot of deeper issues that I will have to acknowledge and deal with before my vision will return to normal. Will massaging my feet at the points shown help with this, too? Or would those be different points? I must say, I have some VERY sore points in my 2nd and 3rd toes!

    1. Everything in the body is interconnected. The emotional affects the physical, and the physical affects the emotional. So massaging those points can also help to loosen mental/emotional blocks. But the most efficient way is to shift your thoughts as Abraham-Hicks advises 🙂

  7. Wow! You are delightful. Your writing is transparent and simply sounds like you are talking instead of writing. Your observation of trying to do it “faster” as being part of the problem made me laugh. That was my first thought…if I do it 20 minutes a day…yada yada???????? I shall enjoy following you. I know that I have much I can learn from you. I’m starting a 13 week class taught by a shaman called Becoming a Visionseeker. Now you show up in my vision. Such delightful sinchronicty! My husband is dealing with “irreversible” glaucoma. My response was “nothing is irreversible. That is only the
    Belief system of western medicine. We will find the answers.” And then you show up on my radar! Last thing…you hooked me when you said that when you shift the energy you manifest in physical reality. Exactly what Abraham Hicks teaches. I’ve followed them for years and I love my life. You have just become part of it!

  8. Judy Casey Anderson

    Holly, all of your blogs/articles are intelligent and beautifully written. I see you as so young but your wisdom seems to belie that assumption. As always, thank you for sharing the points as well as the underlying emotional connections, and reminding us of the somatic/emotional relationships we have with our bodies.

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