Chinese Reflexology for Sciatica: Here’s a 30 Second Massage Technique to Try On Yourself (video)

Do you have sciatica or hip pain? Feel stiff or achy hips after sitting at a desk for hours? Here’s a simple massage technique that takes just 30 seconds, and it’s based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Massaging the Chinese Reflexology sciatica point improves the flow of qi (life force energy) through the hips and legs, which is beneficial for the sciatic nerve. This massage also improves the circulation of qi (life force energy) in the legs and the body’s energy meridians. 

Watch the video below to learn how to locate and massage the Chinese Reflexology sciatica point. And if you’d like to learn more, check out this article on 4 Powerful Points You Can Massage to Relieve Sciatica Pain. The article includes diagrams, instructions, plus Chinese Reflexology points for the hips.