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My blog has grown to 20,000 readers a month which makes me joyful and sad. I feel joy because so many people are awakening their power to heal themselves through Chinese Reflexology and the connection between the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.

I feel sad however, because I’ve reached the point where I’m no longer able to continue answering emails personally. I read each and every message and I really appreciate your comments, support and questions.

I’d like to stay in touch, but I have to shift technologies in order to manage the readership growth. To stay connected, I invite you to please join me on my Facebook page.

And to answer questions about your health concerns, I’m going to do a poll each month based on the messages, comments and questions I receive. Simply vote for the topic that interests you the most and also let me know what else you’d like to learn about. The winning topic will be the first article I write for January 2015!

The poll closes on December 17th, so get your vote in.

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6 thoughts on “Tell Me What You’d Like to Learn About”

  1. Linnell Naughton

    Hi. I would like to know how to heal persistent acid reflux which is making my voice hoarse and cough a lot. I do not wish to take nexium pills …. Is there a reflexology
    Point to help me. ?

  2. In my home – between my daughter and myself – we are at different ends of the hormone spectrum- She is 18 and has developed some painful hormonal systs and cycle related headaches. I am in the post menapauseal phase myself with some occasional hot flashes and mood issues. So we have been successfully using doterra essential oils to create some balance and have been trying some accupuncture sessions for my daughter. I would like to know what we can both do to apply the reflexology and oils together so she has consistent relief . Thanks-Eileen

  3. I would love to learn the healing hands method I have horses and they have problems and of course they give me problems lol, one has Ringbone it`s a degenerative bone disease, I have a Equisonic QGM machine and it`s supposed to work off CHI, I feel it works to a point, I see it like im looking at a pie and there is a piece missing and I feel it`s me, I have always felt like I could do this but im missing the knowledge it takes ? is there a way you could guide me into this ? Bob

  4. Hello Holly, I’m very interested on Reflexology for babies (those that can´t speak).
    So you have some information about this?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Here’s an answer from a recent post on my Chinese Reflexology Facebook page:

      I’ve had a few questions lately about how to use Chinese Reflexology for babies. Just as babies do not have a fully mature immune system or digestive system, the same holds true for their energy meridians. They’re not quite “wired up” like adults yet.

      Thus, I find reflexology is not the most effective holistic massage for infants or young babies. What I would recommend is Tuina. This is a Chinese massage technique that is practiced on the hands, arms and sometimes on the back for kids.

      I found a wonderful online resource with more info:

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