How to Heal Faster from Dental Work on the Right Lower Bicuspid

A friend of mine recently had a split tooth repaired at the dentist and asked me for the Chinese reflexology point to help her heal the nerve in her bicuspid. As I always caution, Chinese reflexology does not replace proper medical, or in this case, dental care.  However, it can play a leading role in helping the body get back in energetic balance to heal itself faster.

So, to my dear friend, I hope your tooth (nerve) heals quickly and I hope this reflexology point helps take the edge off the pain as you recover.

The Chinese Reflexology points for the teeth are located on the tops of the toes, below the toe knuckles.  On the big toe, there’s just one knuckle, so the reflexology points are located above and below the joint.

The reflexology area is shaped like a thin strip that goes across the top of the toe and there are two strips on each toe. The distal (top) strip is for the upper jaw and teeth. The proximal (bottom) strip is for the lower jaw and teeth.

The toes on the right foot correspond to the left side of the mouth and the toes on the left foot correspond to the right side.

Since the right lower bicuspid is involved, the best area to rub would be the strip located on the second toe (next to the big toe) of the left foot, just below the knuckle. Feel around the reflexology area for extreme sensitivity. If you can’t feel anything, try the big toe, towards the left edge or the third toe, towards the right edge.

Use your thumb to press and rub across the strip in a side-to-side motion.

Get ready for a big OUCH!

This method allows you to feel with greater precision exactly where it hurts the most. Once you have found this spot, keep rubbing it for about a minute, several times throughout the day. Continue for as long as you feel is necessary to help with your recovery.

Discontinue if you begin to curse me as your friend :).

5 thoughts on “How to Heal Faster from Dental Work on the Right Lower Bicuspid”

  1. Ummm, ya. No cursing your name yet, but I did find the ouch point. Holy man it hurts.

    I will continue to do what you have advised. Thank you thank you for posting this especially for me.


  2. Thank you – your website and guidelines are very clear, and just what I was looking for to get over some cold and sinus-related problems.

  3. Would you please tell me which toe I should rub to heal my lower right second molar (tooth #31)?

    Many thanks!

    1. Left toes for right teeth. The big toe is for the center of the mouth and the pinky toe is for where the jaw connects. Use these as your guidelines and press the tops of your toes to find the most sensitive one.

  4. Please , tell me – what point I must to massage for lower canine ( left side) ? Can you tell me a point on hand ? It/s a little difficult to massage my feet when I’m in a public place like my office .

    Thank you for your amasing work and because you sharing with us all this informations.

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