What to Do if a Piece of Cat Litter Gets Into Your Eye and Scratches Your Cornea

This post is a special one, written just for my friend, Kristina Wong.  Kristina is a performance artist and I saw her “Cat Lady” show this weekend.  In one scene, she flings a bag of cat litter into the air.  On the last day of the show run, a piece of cat litter got into her eye and scratched her cornea.  So, I’m going to share how to massage the Chinese Reflexology point for the eye to help her recover faster.  You can also massage this point to help recover from acute eye injuries.


Massaging this point helps to rebalance the energy disruption caused by the injury to assist your body in it’s natural healing process.  Massaging this point does not take the place of going to see your doctor.  These are your eyes.  Go *see* (ha, ha, like the pun?) your doctor first and once you’re on a treatment plan, then massage your feet to help speed your recovery.

Locating the Eye Points

The eye points are located on the bottom of your feet, underneath the second and third toes of BOTH feet.  It’s like a U-shaped area below the pads of the toes.  What’s cool and confusing about the eye points is that the energy meridians in your body cross over each other at your neck.  Thus, the reflexology point for your left eye is on your RIGHT foot.  And conversely, the point for your right eye is on your LEFT foot.

So, if you’re like Kristina Wong and have had a run-in with a bag of cat litter, causing scratching on the cornea of your right eye, you would want to massage the reflexology point of your LEFT foot.  You might want to massage the point on your right foot just for fun to compare how much MORE PAINFUL the one on the left foot is.

Why is that so?  Because the right eye got injured from the flying Scoop Away (or in Kristina’s case, it was probably something eco-friendly), her corresponding reflexology point on the left foot will be sore.  This reflects the disruption in energy flow that resulted from the injury to her eye.

Massaging the Eye Points

A reflexology stick would be ideal to use, but probably way too painful for an acute eye injury if you’re not used to doing reflexology on yourself.  Instead, just press and massage this area as hard as you can with your thumb.

When you find the point within the reflexology area that is excruciatingly painful, you have found the point that corresponds to the energy disruption.  Focus mainly on this point, but do massage the entire area.  Rub in an up and down motion for 30 to 60 seconds at a time, for a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes a day.

When you are feeling better, make a note not to fling cat litter up in the air again while looking up at it.

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