My 5 Favourite Things for Feet

Lately, I’ve received a number of questions about various reflexology products including foot rollers, insoles, massage baths, and foot mats. While I don’t have experience with many of these items because I simply massage my own feet, I do however have a few favorite things when it comes to feet. While not all of them are related to reflexology, I thought it would be a fun change of pace to share a few of my favourite things for feet.

1. Foot Rubz Massage Ball

Foot-Massager-BallFor those times when you can’t take your socks off or pull your foot up into your lap, there’s the Foot Rubz Massage Ball. I remember those days when I worked in an office. I had to discreetly massage my feet. The good thing about the Foot Rubz is that you can place this prickly ball under your desk, and roll your foot on it for a relaxing massage whenever you feel like it.

The soles of your feet contain many powerful reflexology points for the body’s organs, so this is a really convenient way to fit a little reflexology into your day. On Amazon, a number of reviewers raved about the massage ball helping them with plantar fasciitis. Since Chinese Reflexology is for balancing the body’s energy meridians as opposed to treating structural issues in the feet, the Foot Rubz Massage Ball can be a dual purpose item to support healing. I bought mine at a running store, but I found the Foot Rubz Massage Ball on Amazon for about half the price.

2. Plush Foot Duvets

Honestly, I would never have purchased these if they weren’t on sale at Restoration Hardware. I don’t usually shop at that store, but when we moved into our new home, we still got catalogues addressed to the previous homeowners or “current occupant.”

Of course, I had to flip through the pages of the Restoration Hardware catalogue, and that’s when I saw these down-filled booties—on sale at more than 50% off, too! If they hadn’t been on sale, I wouldn’t have treated myself to such an unusual item. I’m glad that I did because they’ve kept my feet toasty warm all winter long.

Foot-DuvetEven though I live in California, the temperature can dip to 32 degrees (0 Celsius) in the winter. Plus, our home has a crawlspace foundation, so the floor tends to be chilly. Wearing these snowsuit-like socks have kept my feet toasty all winter. And while I do make a funny shuffle sound when I walk through the house, the booties are my favorite thing for the wintertime.

Last time I checked, Restoration Hardware was no longer selling these, but I’ve seen similar-looking booties on Amazon and REI. You might want to look for a pair to keep your feet toasty warm, too. Here’s a link to the “no longer available” item if you want to see what to look for.

3. Japanese Reflexology Board

Rock-Garden-Foot-MassagerThis plastic massage board is simply awesome for giving you a deep massage of the reflexology points on the soles of your feet. While I generally use a Chinese Reflexology stick to massage my feet, I can’t apply the same amount of pressure as I could by using my entire body weight. I would recommend stepping on these boards in moderation because of the amount of pressure placed on your soles. But it’s an easy way to get in some extra massage without having to do anything other than stand up.

I bought mine at a local Japanese store, but they don’t seem to carry them anymore. However, I did find an identical Japanese Reflexology Board on Amazon for under $13. You can’t tell how big it is from the photo, but it’s about a 1′ x 1′ square (30cm x 30cm). And the plastic is super sturdy and hard.

4. Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly

AlbaJellyI love Alba’s Un-Petroleum jelly because when I’m massaging my feet with a stick, it’s a great lubricant to reduce friction on the skin. This lets me really feel in for tiny subtleties in my reflexology points.

The jelly is an all natural un-petroleum jelly—hence the name—and it also helps keep your feet feeling nicely hydrated after you apply it. You can find the Un-Petroleum Jelly at many natural health stores and also at Whole Foods.

5. Foot Works Toasted Macadamia Nut Moisturizing Cream

Finally, my ultimate indulgence for my feet is Foot Works Toasted Macadamia Nut Moisturizing Cream. No, it’s not all natural, but it smells sooooo yummy! I have an unusually keen sense of smell and dislike most perfumes because I can sniff the chemicals in them and find they’re way too overpowering. However, the smell of this foot cream is really delicious to me.

FootworksOne of my friends gave me a tube as a gift and after I tried it, I simply couldn’t resist using it occasionally during the winter when my heels tend to get dry. The cream works really well because it’s not greasy, yet it still moisturizes really well. I’ve tried a number of natural products and found that they either left my feet feeling too greasy—leaving shiny footprints on the hardwood (sorry Alba), or the moisturizing effect disappeared in an hour or two after applying the cream (sorry Burt’s Bees).

You can find this moisturizing cream on My friend is an Avon rep and this is a link to her Avon site.

One thing I’d like to note about dry feet is that consuming flaxseed oil helps to moisturize your feet from the inside and out. But for those days I forget to take the giant flaxseed oil capsules, or when I don’t feel like holding my nose to swallow a spoonful, I can always soothe my heels and perk up my spirit with a little indulgence of Toasted Macadamia Nut Moisturizing Cream!

So those are my five fave things for feet. What are yours? Feel free to leave a comment, but please note that I have an automatic spam filter that requires me to approve comments, so your comment may not appear right away. I will read them all though, so I thank you in advance for sharing your favourite foot things with me :).


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