If You’ve Had an Organ Removed, Should You Still Massage Its Reflexology Point?

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One of the questions that I am frequently asked is whether someone should massage a reflexology point if it no longer applies to them. For example, if your spleen or gallbladder was removed many years ago, you may wonder whether you should massage the organ’s reflexology point. After all, you don’t have the organ any more, so is it still beneficial to massage its reflexology point?

The answer is YES.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a broader perspective on organs than the Western medical view. The TCM perspective encompasses not only the physical organ, but also the organ’s energy meridian, and its yin and yang elements.

So even though you may no longer have the organ in your body, you still have its accompanying energy meridian. The same applies not just for organs, but also for any body part such as the tonsils or appendix. The energy still exists and so does the energy meridian that runs through the area.

Your Body Is Your Home

Think of your body’s energy meridians like an electrical circuit running through your home. You want your qi—your body’s electrical current—to flow smoothly and abundantly. So even though you unplugged the toaster and removed it from the counter, there is still electricity going to the kitchen.

A similar analogy applies if an organ was surgically relocated to a different area in your body. That’s like taking the toaster, moving it to the dining room, and plugging it in there. Even though the toaster is no longer in the kitchen, you still need to maintain the wiring in the kitchen because the electricity powers other appliances.

The same holds true for the qi flowing through your energy meridians. The qi still flows through its original location, so it’s beneficial to massage the corresponding reflexology point.

Emotional Reasons for Massaging a Point

When someone has had an organ removed, they may feel regret, guilt, or shame about the missing organ. They may think, “I should have done something different. Maybe I should have gotten a second opinion.” They may feel badly about the experience and their body, thinking, “I am no longer whole.”

The flow of qi is affected by your thoughts so negative thinking can actually disrupt the smooth flow of qi through an area. Want to test this out? Take a second to think of something that’s been bugging you lately. If you pay attention to your body, you’ll notice that your breathing may have become shallower, your jaw may have clenched, or you may be tensing up one part of your body.

Now imagine what years of feeling regret, shame, and guilt can do to your body, especially when you’re directing it to the same place (the missing organ) every day. So to help prevent energy blocks, massage the organ’s reflexology point, and also visualize bright white light flowing through this area of your body. Bringing your focus to the area in a loving manner will help to naturally relax and release tension—and this will help keep your qi flowing smoothly.

Even if you’re not missing an organ, you can always visualize loving white light surrounding any portion of your body, or even your entire body. Go ahead and try it right now. You’ll be amazed at how your breathing deepens and your body relaxes. It’s a simple and easy way to improve the flow of qi.

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